Private Driving Lessons Richmond Hill Ny

August 12, 2014

Driving classes are very crucial to young people who would want to go on the road because knowing how to drive properly would help one avoid accidents. Now the best type of lesson that one should get would of course be the private driving lessons richmond hill ny because one will get one on one lessons with an instructor. Just to give people an idea, here is an overview of what these classes are like.

Now before he would even think about driving, he will first be taught how to properly position himself inside the car. Of course before he would drive, he has to make sure that everything is ready so that he will be safe while he is inside. So he first has to check whether his seat belt is strapped on and his mirrors are positioned in the correct way.

Now once one is already strapped on and ready to go, then he may start with the lesson. Now usually, most schools would actually have driving courses at the back of their institutions so that students may practice in a safe environment before going out into the road. This would allow them gain confidence first before trying out the real thing.

The next part of the lesson would be to learn the different parts of the car that is used to drive. The parts that he would have to know of would be of course the accelerator, the clutch and the brake. Now he would also have to learn how to use the gears if he is using a manual car.

Now when one would start driving, he has to know where he should place his feet. Basically, his right foot must be just right above the clutch because he will be pressing but he must leave room to move to the accelerator. Now his left foot would have to touch the brake because in case he has to stop, he can easily press that brake.

Now the process of how to start the car would be to first turn on the ignition and then press the clutch. From there, now one would have to switch to gear the first gear. In order to do the first gear, one has to move the gear to the left side from the neutral position and then push it upward.

From there, the car will start moving slowly and will accelerate as the car keeps on moving. If one would want to make the car go faster, then all he has to do would be to press the clutch and shift to the second gear by simply pulling the gear down. Once he has done this then he may just press down the accelerator and just play with it.

Now as he would go faster, he would have to switch to third and then fourth gears which he would learn in the process. Of course in order to slow down, he will be learning how to use the brake and then switch back to gear one. After that, he will learn how to completely stop by gradually pressing down on the brake.

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