Playful And Colourful Naartjie Kids Clothes

August 28, 2014

The word naartjie is a South African one used to refer to a sweet, citrus fruit, smaller than an orange. The Naartjie kids clothes brand is proudly South African in origin and has grown from its beginnings in a garage in Cape Town into an internationally recognized company. The worldwide rights to the brand were purchased by Naartjie USA and there are now many stores in the USA and some in the Middle East with more to come. The very successful e-commerce sites are growing too.

What is it that is so appealing about this brand? There are many factors that attract a devoted following. It is playful, whimsical and vibrant, making it well suited to the imaginative and fun aspects of childhood. The garments are of excellent quality and can withstand hours of play. They are also trendy without sacrificing any practicality and comfort as a result.

These garments are made primarily from natural fabrics. Normally fabrics are dyed before the actual cutting and sewing process. However, these garments are made first and then dyed. This is a more expensive process but it offers more vibrant colors and a softer feel. Fabrics are combed and ring-spun for greater softness and durability. Design and construction has the comfort of the children as a prime concern.

The brand stays abreast of current trends and translates them into clothing appreciated not only the parents who buy them but the children who wear them too. New collections are produced on a yearly basis, using current colors, prints and designs. Every second year one outfit is released for fans of the Jie Jie range. This range is named after a fairy who lives at the foot of Table Mountain in Cape Town.

From line to line, attention is paid to the tiniest detail of design. There is a continuity of design and color so much mixing and matching can be done to make up outfits. The range includes items for newborns, babies and girls and boys up to ten years old. Dresses, bottoms, tops and sleepwear are all available as well as accessories like footwear.

This brand regards quality as very important and this is revealed in every part of the process, from design through to when the garment is ready for sale. Due to the process involved in creating the garments, they do need to be washed separately before wear. In order to keep the unique coloration, there are special guidelines for care that need to be followed.

On the websites it is simple to shop by category and place an order. Vouchers or e-gift cards can also be used. Payment is made through a secure site called Payfast and the payment method is usually through credit card or internet banking. Terms and conditions regarding shipping, returns and other details are available. A size guide is also available online. Size of clothing and shoes is determined by the height and weight of the child. A foot measuring guide can be downloaded to see exactly what size suits a child best.

When the company opened a store at the Victoria and Albert Waterfront in Cape Town, the brand began to attract attention. Today it has many loyal customers not only throughout South Africa but throughout the world. The fact that new collections are produced regularly and promotions are often held gives customers a reason to keep visiting local stores. Shopping online is another option and offers an easy way to purchase garments.

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