People Are Often Impressed By Most BMW 0-60 Times

August 24, 2014

The newi8 is to be found on all continents, but mainly in the United States. With its enviable features, this model has no analogy among many car manufacturers. The powerful engine and extra features make it pretty quick and one of the the best accelerating cars, hence the reverence people have to BMW 0-60 times.

The line of the roof embraces the passenger cell and with elegant curve passing into powerful hindquarters. With the 6 Series Coupe, long journeys turn into sprint distances. Even a slight touch of the gas pedal releases the power of the petrolV8-engine.

In each corner, you will feel perfect contact with the road and you will enjoy the thick sound of the eight cylinders. Traveling in these cars will become your favourite sport. The TwinPower Turbo engine with 8-cylinder with two turbos, double-Vanos and High Precision Injection speeds with exceptional 330 kW (450 HP) and maximum torque of 650 Nm take the 6 series from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.6 seconds.

The exterior components of the M- aerodynamic package highlight the sports image of the 5 Series Sedan. Thanks to the large front bumper air intakes with optimized aerodynamics, the car is even more impressive. Side sills with an extra edge sharpen the profile of the car, which is perfectly complemented by the rear bumper with exhaust pipes in a dark chrome color and the impressive diffuser in Dark Shadow metallic increases the aerodynamic down force at high speed.

A combination of consistent lightweight construction of the suspension and the optimized aerodynamics provides the 6 Series Coupe with unique agility, perfect behaviour on the road and absolutely precise controllability. These characteristics make the entire range easier to drive. The ECO PRO in the 640d and 640i is activated with the switch of a setting on the center console.

The i8 offers an acceleration to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds at an average fuel consumption of 2.5 l/60 miles. The makers have calculated that if the car is driving in Germany over short distances and only on current, covering 60 miles will cost less than 4 Dollars. At the current level of prices, it corresponds to a little more than two gallons of gasoline.

The required motor power is fed from the centrally located at the bottom of the vehicle lithium-ion battery. It is equipped with a cooling system with fluid and can be recharged from a conventional household outlet, or a special radio station (the BMW i Wallbox) and from public charging stations. A full charge takes less than three hours, while other options this is for less than two hours and customers receive a warranty on the battery of 8 years or 600,000 miles.

The optional glass roof of the 6 Series Coup offers panoramic views. It is equipped with electric blinds and lifting function, which provides a lot of light in the Interior and a pleasant feeling of openness. You can see its work only on the tachometer: so quickly and comfortably does the new 8-speed automatic transmission switch gears. Additional gears reduce engine speed changes when switching, for example between the third and fourth gear, so that the process of changing gears is practically imperceptible. At the same time, the engine always operates in such a mode in which you can maximize the deployment of its power and efficiency.

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