Ovarian Cancer Awareness & The Use Of Trailer Wraps

June 8, 2014

Out-of-home advertising, as many in this field will be able to tell you, can accomplish a number of things. It can let people become more aware of companies and the array of goods and services that they can offer in the long term. With that said, though, what are some of the other important ways in which trailer wraps can come into effect? While the elevation of awareness for medical conditions might not be as prominent, it is still a point that is worth going over.

According to a report posted on AJC, Chris Baxter’s wife, Virginia, was told that she had ovarian cancer following feelings of discomfort. After she was diagnosed, Virginia had to go about surgery and then chemotherapy after the fact. It goes without saying that this had an impact on the both of them but Baxter decided to educate others, whether they were male or female, on this serious condition. What surprised me, though, was the unique way in which he was able to spread the word to others.

Given the fact that Baxter had both a truck and a boat, he decided to raise awareness for ovarian cancer with them. More specifically, he would go on to place wraps on them, which depicted not only the message to tell women to become tested for ovarian cancer but information on how to go about this process as well. Before this point, Baxter’s boat was primarily utilized for fishing competitions. After said point, it became useful for another purpose entirely, one that can only be considered greater.

When it comes to marketing anything, I am of the opinion that trailer wraps are amongst the most reliable items. After all, they have been used in the past in order to promote media like TV shows and movies but to utilize them for the sake of awareness for a medical condition is certainly out of the ordinary. However, Baxter took his vehicles and made the most of this, promoting ovarian cancer awareness both on land and at sea. Not only are these wraps affordable but authorities like JMR Graphics can attest to the reach that they have.

Ovarian cancer is one of the more serious medical conditions seen, which is a point that can be attributed to any type of cancer. After all, it is a condition that deserves to be focused on and I have to believe that Baxter’s efforts in the way of marketing have proven themselves. He had a strong message to get across and it’s clear that these wraps were able to accomplish this task. In time, I have to believe that Baxter’s wraps will be able to educate even more people.

In order to learn more in regards to the benefits tied to trailer wraps, contact JMR Graphics.. This article, Ovarian Cancer Awareness & The Use Of Trailer Wraps is released under a creative commons attribution license.

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