No Brand Beats The Venetian Shoe Cream

June 7, 2014

There are many varieties of shoe cream in the market, but most of them have compromised levels of quality. One brand that stands out is Venetian Shoe Cream. This is a brand manufactured by C. A. Zoes Manufacturers Company in Chicago, Illinois. Horweeen has recommended this brand for application on their Chromexcel and Shell Cordovan leathers. A thirty two ounce container of this cream goes at $ 13.

Many waxes, gentle cleaners and oils are the main raw materials in the manufacture of this cream. They are included as ingredients with the purpose of maintain the original state of shoes and other leather products. Many years have passed, but this cream has remained as popular as it was back in 1907 when it was first manufactured. This cream has the power to remove all dirt from pores, moisturize and nourish leather fibers. The quality of leather is, therefore, protected.

If used regularly, the leather on which it is applied gets more years of survival. It helps protect and keep scuffs and scratches at bay. This brand can be used on boots, shoes, handbags, luggage, briefcases, upholstery and sporting goods made of leather, patent, cordovan, plastics and reptile leathers for smoothness.

It is almost impossible getting a product that can be compared to the Venetian cream. Its use of naturally concocted formulas has been an uphill task for other manufacturers to imitate. The naturally acquired ingredients are free of destructive chemicals that may eat up leather and clog the holes on it. Many other leather dealers have recommended it for use on a wide range of leather made items in the United States of America and other parts of the world.

This shoe cream is packaged in gallons, quarts and 3oz plastic bottles put in cartons. It comes in all types of colors to satisfy the needs of different people with varied tests in terms to color. This element has highly helped in its promotion.

Another variation of this product is that packaged in jars. This variety is formulated with waxes and oils imported from other countries. It is manufactured using ingredients that make it provide softness on leather. Similarly, it helps replace worn out parts of shoes and other leather items. Faded parts of products can be stained by the wide range of colors provided.

Regular application of the cream puts a new layer on items. The best example of things that are capable of acquiring additional layers is winter boots. Besides this layer, footwear gets a gloss finish often admired by many people. One may also require a good brand of brushes to get desired results.

For long lasting, shiny, attractive and scuff and scratch free shoes, it is advisable for people to buy the Venetian cream. That is the only time they will have an assurance of quality in all these qualities. No other cream manufacturing company has ever known how this cream is manufactured. That is why it has been difficult for them to imitate it.

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