No Biblical Records Where God Is Pronounced Jesus

May 29, 2014

Christianity is such one kind of religion with a nature of its own, and with so many strange questions about the Bible revolving around currently, it leaves one wondering what the truth really is. The most common Biblical argument among so many Christians today is that God and Jesus are one. The truth is, there are no instances in the Bible where God is pronounced Jesus and there never will be.

There are instances where Christ creates a link between Him and the Heavenly Father, especially during the time where many are not so sure about His origin and mission. For instance, Christ says that whoever has seen Him definitely has seen the one who sent Him. There are other instances where He says that He and the Heavenly father are one.

The Christ came as a sacrificial lamb for the sins of many. When John the Baptists was with His disciples and came across the Christ, he said to his disciple that, behold here comes the Lamb of God. According to the Bible, the work of the Lamb of God would be to save people from their sins and restore the beautiful relationship between God and humankind.

Christ has always been there for people to get the desires of their hearts fulfilled through the answering of their prayers. He is the bread of life that satisfies spiritual hunger and gives man hope for life where there seem to be none. The statement, I am the bread of life, is spiritual and it means that whoever will agree to let Christ in will never face spiritual hunger whatsoever.

One of the most important things Christians out there should not forget is that Jesus came because He was sent by God for the sole mission of saving the world. During His mission, He speaks so much about the one who sent Him. In His own words He says that whoever is going to accept Him accepts the one who sent Him; the Almighty Father in Heaven.

The statement that Christ and the Father are one is an absolute truth. You need to keep in mind that Christ is the son of God, which means that the father and the son are one. If anything, read the Bible and you will see how true this combination is.

It is hard to believe that Christ was there before Abraham. The truth is that He was present at the time when God was making the foundations of the earth. When God said let us make man in our own image, he was addressing the heavenly beings and Christ was one of them. He took part in the creation and establishment of the universe.

Christ came to save and not act as if He were God. He had the powers from God, yet He did no boast about the. He is a savor, Emanuel.

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