Much Engineering Goes Behind The Corvette 0-60 Times

August 27, 2014

The Chevrolet Corvette was easily one of the most anticipated hot cars last year when the C7 model was introduced. This car has a lot of history, as does General Motors. Historically, for the Corvette 0-60 has been a favorite stomping ground.

The vehicle is being built in the Kentucky mega factory. The previous ZR1 was also extremely nice. It was initially a secret project, a secret whose sole purpose is to transform a whole sport car into a full-blown exotic supercar . The model just came out of a meeting with the CEO of the Chevrolet company and decided that it is time to go all out and announce that it is time to bring out the big guns.

Every vehicle has the LED type running lights, LED running signals and HID headlights. Looking at the front of the car, it still has that low wide stance and it kind of gives the vehicle more of a supercar feel to it as opposed to just a sports car. This is definitely a class above the Mustang and the Camaro and other cars similar to them.

The whole assembly process is taking place in a single factory, which is also located in the homeland. The whole process is unique and that is why it is done by unique machines and robots. It takes over one thousand of them.

No one could know anything about the ZR1 project until it was officially announced. It was so secret that not so many of the GM staff even knew about this project. In order for the secret to be kept even further, a code name was accepted – the Blue devil.

The new presence of the range is just something that none of its predecessors can dream of reaching. One of the biggest improvements of the C7 happens to be its interior and this is something known to be a problem for a very long time, because critics and car magazines have had bad opinions about the Chevy’s interior design. It gives them the expression that no matter what the company does on performance level is enough to compensate for the lack of imagination and creativity when it comes down the interior parts.

With the new model, critics all agree, everything is just flawless. Every flaw that was there for the C5 and C6 is just rectified. The whole car is very low to the ground which means that when entering the vehicle, the person feels very different.

The challenge in getting to 330 kilometer s per hour is just a very big challenge for the whole team. The engineering issues in getting to and over 200 miles an hour are difficult because from 0 to 50 miles an hour, there is just not that much air moving around the car. From 50 to 100, there is quite a bit and from 100 to 150 there is even more air.Starting at 200 and above, moving is hard because there is an entire air wall to traverse.

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