Mongoose – The Best Laptop Desk For Your Chevrolet Express Van

August 28, 2014

Pro Desks, a vehicle laptop desk provider located in North America, has recently added a brand new laptop desk to its current Chevrolet Express van vehicle mount selection, bringing the total number of computer desks specially designed for Chevy Express to five.

The Mongoose was built with Chevy Express in mind. This Mongoose has the most advanced features and functionality than any other cargo van laptop mounts on the market. We are going to look closer at this great product to see if it fits the needs of a cargo van owner.

Mongoose is said to be “the best desk” among the five cargo van desks provided by Pro Desks. The company have reasons to say so. This Chevy Express Mongoose was designed for serious applications. Those who work in construction field, job sites will find this product extremely useful for their jobs. Durability and quality are the two things separating the Mongoose from other cheap laptop mounts by competitors. This cargo van laptop mount features an adjustable top, allowing it to fit any laptop, notebook, tablet sizes. You can put laptops of any width and depth onto its desktop; the desktop will just match up well. The Chevy Express Mongoose also has the advanced security feature, which ensures the maximum security and protection for your laptop. The product comes with four shocking pads, which raise your laptop a few inches from the surface. Shocks and vibration on the road can not affect your laptop anymore.

Not only the functionality, the product economical efficiency is the second plus added to the Mongoose. The Mongoose was made of top quality material, bringing it the strong look and durable performance. Choosing this laptop mount is a wise decision since it comes with a custom built base which can be replaced if you change your vehicle. The Chevy Express Mongoose is powerful and is the best desk for people who need to work in their van in job sites.

The Chevy Express Mongoose features a heavy-duty aluminum top. The top has the full locking capabilities, which is a vital feature if you are looking for laptop security and safety. The advanced top design helps make sure your equipment will not come out of the desktop if there are any unexpected collisions. The Mongoose enhances laptop connectivity by leaving the ports open on the sides for easy access. The whole system comes with no cables so you can rest assured you won’t be bothered by any cables while driving.

Pro Desks have up to five desk selections for your Chevy Express. If you want more product images and information, just check out their official websites.

Pro Desks have up to 5 Chevy Express laptop mounts for you to choose. If you own a Chevy Express, visit their website now to choose a suitable product for your vehicle.

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