Maximize HVAC Health With Help From Your Jensen Beach FL Air Conditioning Service

June 5, 2014

Your home cooling system works hard all summer long. However, there are some things that you can do to ease the load on the AC unit. Here are some helpful tips from your Jensen Beach air conditioning & heating service, that can make your home cooler and increase the life of your HVAC system.

Make sure that you know where the air filter housing is located. At least once each month, check the air filter and replace if dirty or dusty. You can purchase disposable filters at your local department or hardware store. Make sure you get the exact size that you need. A filter too small or large, will let dirt and debris into your system.

Keep the air filter as clean as possible. This keeps all kinds of dirt and debris from getting into the home and the HVAC system. A dirty filter makes the AC unit work harder, and this can cost you money in energy bills. Also, it can increase the likelihood of AC breakdowns in hot weather.

Make sure that AC condenser coils stay clean during the summer. This is the unit outside of the house with a fan on top. These coils are not hard to clean and you can vacuum them or a garden hose may work well. While cleaning, be very careful about damaging the coils, as this will decrease your cooling efficiency.

To make sure your HVAC unit stays in good shape, contact you heating and cooling professionals for maintenance. This is best done in the spring before the hot weather becomes a problem. Your cooling technician will carefully inspect the major components and clean the unit properly.

When you have trouble with the AC unit, you can count on your cooling professionals in Jensen Beach for help. Talk to your AC technician today about how to properly care for you unit. He will be more than happy to show you ways to improve your efficiency.

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