Lincoln Park Auto Repair Company Provides Helpful Engine Maintenance Tips

June 4, 2014

A dependable car is a major investment and it is important to protect that investment. Your Lincoln Park auto repair company can take care of most maintenance needs. However, there are several things the average car owner can do to insure the well-being of a vehicle, and these helpful tips can prevent many common problems.

If your car is driven daily, consider checking its fluids every weekend. Look to see if there is plenty of engine oil, power steering fluid, and coolant. About once each month, check automatic transmission and brake fluids. These fluids are vital to the life and well-being of a car.

When fluids are needed, you must buy the right kind for your motor. For example, if you add orange antifreeze to a motor that uses green, you could stop up the radiator and overheat the engine. Put in the wrong transmission fluid and you might ruin an expensive transmission.

Check your car’s hoses and belts at least once a month. Look for signs of looseness or wear and tear. For example, a brittle belt or hose with cracks may begin to leak at some point in the future. Replacing worn belts and hoses now can keep you from experiencing a breakdown and possible engine damage.

Keep track of your automotive maintenance, and make sure to have the oil changed at the proper intervals. Your garage can easily change your oil and check out the car, but you must remember to bring it there on time. Otherwise, the engine could become dirty and this is a major reason for excessive wear on components.

Your auto repair service in Lincoln Park works with you to give you a complete maintenance program. They perform vital service like oil changes, lubrication, tire rotations, and many other services. If you need repairs to your car, you can count on these people for top quality service and professional advice on taking care of your vehicle.

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