Lincoln Park Auto Repair Company Offers Total Car Maintenance

July 8, 2014

A car is an important investment that gets you to work and back and anywhere else in the Chicago area. Proper maintenance insures that your vehicle performs well, gets maximum fuel efficiency, and keeps running in all kinds of weather. Your Lincoln Park auto repair professionals are there for you with top rated preventative maintenance services.

Today’s car motors work very hard and develop a considerable amount of heat. Over time, this can break down the viscosity (lubricating ability) of your motor oil. Regular engine oil changes are one of the most cost effective ways to keep an engine in good condition, and it only takes a few minutes of your time.

It costs very little to have the oil changed and is the perfect time for a tire rotation. This is a simple procedure that can greatly prolong the life of tires. In addition, your mechanic inspects the tires and inflates them to the proper pressure. Properly maintained tires can lower your fuel costs and increase performance.

Your oil change includes a free inspection that can save headaches. For example, if your belts and hoses are several years old, it may be a good idea to change them now. That way, you will not have to be concerned about engine trouble that can leave you stranded a long ways from home.

Transmissions are made to last for many miles but they need regular care. When you take the car to your shop for transmission service, they change the fluid, gaskets, and road test the car to make sure that everything is fine. This helps to avoid expensive transmission repairs.

Proper cooling system maintenance keeps your engine from overheating and insures that you and your passengers are cool in summer and warm in winter. Your Lincoln Park automotive professionals provide complete maintenance including timing belts, tune ups, and brake service. Your technician understands your automotive needs and is there with high quality service.

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