Licensed Vin Verifier San Francisco Can Speed Up Your Vehicle Registration

August 1, 2014

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) verification is normally required by the CDMV (California Department of Motor Vehicles) when you register your vehicle. The CDMV can get this done for you, but it often involves a long wait as the queues are long. California Highway Patrol (CHP) can also verify your VIN, but again the process can sometimes takes weeks as you wait for an appointment. You can save a lot of time by utilizing the services of a licensed vin verifier San Francisco.

If your vehicle has just been brought into California, or there is no record of it with the DMV, it must be verified. If your vehicle has been left unregistered for five years or more, then it probably won’t be on record.

A bonded and licensed VIN verifier in San Francisco is able to verify the VIN of all types of vehicles, including cars, motorbikes, trucks, tractors, all terrain vehicles, motor homes, trailers, and any custom vehicles. They are happy to come to you, and will correctly fill out and hand you a REG 31 form for the DMV, needed for vehicle registration.

If a vehicle is not found in DMV’s records, it will require a VIN verification. Similarly, if a vehicle is registered in another state and is being taken into California, or the wrong VIN is shown on the documentation, the VIN will need to be verified. With motorcycles, they require VIN verification if they hold a non-Californian state title.

In addition to the VIN, the verifier will need to see any existing documentation on your vehicle, including the title, registration, and the bill of sale. If it is a 1988 or later model, they will look for the Federal Certification Label, usually located on the left hand side door or frame. With 1976 or later models, there should be an EPA sticker under the hood or in the engine compartment.

New motorcycles or vehicles, and commercial vehicles not exceeding 8000 pounds of empty weight, don’t require VIN verification. If the Federal Certification Label has been tampered with, does not exist, or is different to what is on the documents, then VIN verification can’t be done. Similarly, incomplete, salvaged and junk titled vehicles are not verifiable, nor are motorcycles that have had alterations made to their engine, have no title or record, or possess foreign documentation.

It is your responsibility to know where your vehicle’s VIN is located, and that it can be read clearly. This is not the responsibility of the verifier, although they may be able to give you ideas on where to find the VIN if you are unsure; usually this isn’t a problem for older vehicles, but if they can’t help you, try searching for the answer online.

A fast, friendly and affordable VIN verification service will save you a lot of time and money when you need your vehicle registered. Having a licensed VIN verifier in San Francisco do the verifying for you means that you’ll never have to waste valuable time in long lines, or wait weeks for an appointment.

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