Leather Shoe Care Products Are A Must

June 15, 2014

A good pair of leather shoes is an investment that will last for years if cared for properly. Buying an expensive pair will be a complete waste of money if you do not keep them clean, moisture free, and supple. Finding a local cobbler will also add to their life by having them resoled when needed. In addition it is essential to use leather shoe care products.

Something that does not take any time at all is to just rotate the shoes or at least take them off as soon as you get home. By doing so, you are allowing the moisture to dry out, which is important for the leather. In addition, place a cedar shoe tree inside the pair once you removed them from your feet.

There are metal and plastic models but they will not allow your shoes to dry properly. Get a cedar one. How it works is, while drying, the leather draws back to its original shape which is going to extend the life of the insoles and uppers. It also prevents those ugly lines from forming where it flexes. So, as soon as you take them off, place the cedar shoe trees into them and leave until you wear them again.

After purchasing a pair, water proofing is important. If allowed to retain moisture, mold can form. You can use mink oil but know that it may darken the color of your leather. You could also use a waterproofing compound or simply be sure to always use a wax based polish for lighter protection. When a pair gets wet or damp, do not under any circumstances dry them next to a heater or use a blow dryer. Doing so can dry them too quickly and cause cracking.

Allowing the pair to get too dry is also a problem. It will cause them to crack, thus ruining them. Use a specialty conditioner or shoe cream every few months to prevent them from drying out. You can also buff in a little dab of petroleum jelly to do the job.

The basic products that will extend the life of your shoes are inexpensive and easy to find. Cedar shoe trees, which we have already talked about. Use a shoe horn to maintain their shape by protecting the back when you slip them on. A horse hair brush is also essential for working in polish and removing any excess.

Cleaning on a regular basis is a must. It removes stains, layers of polish, and dirt. You can use a specialty cleaner, saddle soap, oil soap, or just a dry cloth. Erasers and non-gel toothpaste are used to remove scuff marks, remember to be gentle when doing this.

At some point you are going to need to have the pair resoled or refurbished. You have two choices. Either find a local cobbler you trust and take it to them. You could also pack up the pair in the original box and return to the manufacture to have the work done.

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