Knowing About A Specific Doll Zone

July 24, 2014

There are millions of science fiction fans throughout the United States and the rest of this world. Anyone who is looking for a great doll zone should check out Entertainment Earth. This is one place which specializes in many unique statues which resemble characters from past and present.

This company was created for anyone who likes “Lost in Space, ” “Batman, ” “Lost, ” “The Twilight Zone, ” “The Big Bang Theory, ” “Dr. Who, ” “The Six Million Dollar Man, ” “Star Trek, ” “Ghostbusters” or “Star Wars.” All of these movies and television series featured great characters who really captivated the audience. Whenever someone goes to the Entertainment website they can find any figure that they truly desire. Some of these items are currently in production and should be released before the end of 2014.

Everyone living in America knows all about the television series called “Batman.” This was one show that was very zany and featured an array of famous Hollywood actors. A person can easily own a statue of this famous hero along with his sidekick Robin. They were known as the dynamic duo and there of many figures which have their likeness upon them. The company is now selling these items in their 1966 version.

Everyone who lived during the 70’s remember a little series called “Battlestar Galactica.” This was a unique television show which was made for the smart viewer. Apollo, Athena and Starbuck were the main characters on this show and now their faces can be seen on small statues. Each figure comes with several items to make them more realistic.

Weird people everywhere can relate to the characters on “The Big Bang Theory.” These are six odd people who do very strange things on each episode. Sheldon is their leader and he is always criticizing and degrading his fellow cohorts. Fans everywhere truly love this character and now they can buy his figure from Entertainment Earth.

“Star Trek” fans are very lucky that the company will supply them with many toys from this particular series. Everyone remembers the great Mego figures that were produced in the early 70’s. Any person could have a miniature version of Captain Kirk, Scotty or Spock within their household. Unfortunately the female figure that was produced did not actually look like the actress. Every female statue created by Mego was a real disappointment to fans.

“Lost In Space” ran on the American television station CBS for three years and it was popular with everyone. Unfortunately the series was not given a fourth season but it has still become a cult classic. Everyone who watched this show can now buy a Dr. Smith doll from Entertainment Earth. John Robinson, Maureen Robinson and Major Don West can also be located at this site.

Hans Solo is a remarkable character from the “Star Wars” series and fans everywhere love him. Harrison Ford’s face can be seen on may small statues that are sold through this certain toy company. Other characters can also be bought during different times of the year. All of these characters seem to be more popular than ever since the announcement of the newest “Star Wars” movie. In the future there will be more of these statues produced for the world to purchase.

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