Jensen Beach FL Air Conditioning Service Offers Cooling Tips For Summer

June 5, 2014

Summer time in Southeastern Florida can get very hot. In addition, it stays hot for many months out of the year. Here are some helpful tips from your local Jensen Beach air conditioning & heating service, for increasing your home comfort this year.

If you want your AC unit to keep up with the demand, make it easier on the cooling system. For example, close drapes in the east part of the house during the morning hours. In afternoon and evenings, close drapes on the west side. This will keep passive heat from the sun from entering the home and heating up the interior.

Appliances like stoves, ovens, and clothes dryers, add a lot of heat to your house. The best time to use these appliances is late at night or very early in the morning. The less heat you put into the home during the daytime, the cooler it will stay inside.

Your cooling unit’s condenser coils are located outside of the home, and they need to be kept clean. An AC system removes heat from the house and releases it through the condenser unit. If coils are dirty, they cannot dissipate all the heat, and this cuts down on AC efficiency. Inspect these coils at least once a week in summer, and clean them with your garden hose and a brush when needed.

A great deal of cool air is lost through your windows. Consider adding energy efficient windows to your home. You also may wish to invest in insulated drapes. This is cheaper than new windows and will keep cool air loss to a minimum.

Follow these simple tips from your Jensen Beach cooling and heating professionals and you will cut your energy costs and stay more comfortable this summer. Also, your cooling pros offer pre-summer inspections and cleanings. This will prepare your cooling system for hot weather, and prevent many problems in the summer.

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