Interview With Dallas TX Rock Band, Redline

June 25, 2014

Dallas, TX, is the home to soulful rock band, Redline. The members of the band include Joseph Campise (lead guitar), Austin Adams (bass), Joe Rodriguez (vocals/acoustic guitar), and Nate Williams (drums). Heavily influenced by the likes of Jimmy Hendrix and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Redline is a stand-out high energy rock band.

While sitting down for this interview, Austin tells me that the band got their name from the term “redlining your car” – a phrase which to them symbolizes giving it your all and putting everything you have into everything you do. The band has been together for five years and has loved every moment of it.

When Redline start writing a song, they simply start by “just going with what ever comes to mind.” What they do next is very unique; Austin says it is very similar to what the band, the Postal Service, did when they were off at college. One of the band members will record a riff or a chorus on his phone and send it in a group chat. Then, each member of the band sends critiques of the song piece back and fourth. When each individual band member’s semester ends, the entire band all meets up for band practice and they jam out their ideas and just bounce both old and new ones off of each other.

Redline just released their latest album in January and plan on releasing a couple of singles over the summer. When I asked how close all the band members were as far as their friendships and interpersonal relationships go, they told me that they all feel like they were born to play in this band together. This group has been through bad shows and great shows, bad luck and good luck. Much like the story behind their band name suggests, they have learned to never give up, “even when you think life couldn’t get any worse, never back down.”

Austin said, “This band has been through too much sh*t to not make it. And I love that.” They told me that they don’t go with what mainstream music wants. Redline’s biggest struggle when starting their band was building their fan base and trying to get the response they were looking for. After putting themselves out there, they finally found the support they were looking for. The band mates look forward to playing music together for years to come.

This interview is part of the Gorilla Music band interview series. For more info on Gorilla Music, their shows, and the bands they work with, check out their website or the Gorilla Music Blog.

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