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June 19, 2014

Schaeffer oil is a US based private company that specializes in manufacture of lubrication products. Some of the products it produces include synthetic oils, greases, friction modifiers, and oil additives among other compounds. Schaeffer oil for sale is marketed directly by the producer to the end consumer without middle people. Major industries that consume products from this company include manufacturing, trucking, agriculture, mining, marine, high performance racing, and construction.

This firm was established in 1839 by a German immigrant named Nicholas Schaeffer. It went by the name Nicholas Schaeffer and Company by that time. It was initially involved in manufacturing soaps and candles for household and commercial use. California Gold Rush led to a change from making soaps and candles to oils in 1849. The oils were used in supporting the westward expansion.

Over the years, company has seen a lot of changes and currently production activities have been diversified a lot. It got annual sales worth over 90 million USD from both local and foreign sales in 2010. Diversification and increased efficiency in production and marketing processes played a big role in those huge sales. The near future is expected to lead to more annual sales and profits.

The change in the line of commodities manufactured was strongly influenced by the establishment of an Mississippi port as a major industrial town. Lubricants from the company were majorly used by the huge number of steamboats and wagon trains that visited the port frequently. Red Engine Oil was the name for the first lubricants ever to be sold whereas Black Beauty grease was for the first line of grease sold. By 18s, the business was already selling products worth more than 1 million US dollars every year.

The company changed its name many times during the course of its growth. The name currently in use came into use in 1947. Production of candle and soap was officially stopped in 1950 to focus on lubricant manufacture. In the US, Schaeffer is presently the oldest firm in existence that is involved with lubricant production. It has also been named among private companies that are growing fastest.

Most products aim at being environmentally friendly and lowering costs and requirements for disposal. The lubricants save on fuel used. There are also many kinds of fuel additives made. Formulas used in making fuel additives are soy-based. Other commendable commodities by this firm are products that help lower water requirements for raising plants in places that experience water-scarcity. Such places may include cold and hot semi-desert and deserts.

Proprietary additives made by the corporation are supposedly designed to lower temperatures hence helping in extending lubricant life. This allows for reduction of energy consumed up to five percent. Their tire sealants help in keeping tires inflated for maximum fuel economy. The biodegradable cleaners and lubricants are meant for first dissipation when applied on areas that are environmentally-sensitive.

All production processes occur at the main facility in St. Louis by a squad of 53 certified lubricant specialists. Marketing activities avoid involvement of middle people and only use a specific internally trained team of salespeople. Payment of salespeople is on a commission basis. International sales depend on independent distributors supported by the business.

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