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July 6, 2014

Everywhere one decides to look, the busy streets in the metro is often congested with very many cars, trucks, cabs, vans, motorcycles, and all kinds of vehicles and automobiles. Years ago not everyone got to ride on a car on a daily basis, that was a privilege reserved only for the rich. Today, thanks to mass production of cars and the rise of second hand auto shops, everyone can ride vehicles anytime and anywhere, both by private and public means.

Just as a car helps people to make the activities of daily living better, it also comes with a lot of problems. It suffers from damages and other problems, especially with individual parts. There are issues on defective brakes and leaking oil, overheating, rusting, car air conditioning and oxygen sensor recycling.

The so called oxygen sensor is one of the very essential parts that every car should have. It analyzes the gas or liquid that is running in an engine, and then it measures the relative amount of oxygen used. This electronic device also goes by the name lambda sensor.

This device is also known by many enthusiasts as the lambda detector. It provides the sufficient data to the computer that manages the vehicular engine. It is created to provide some sort of assistance in making the engine run as smoothly as possible, without any embarrassing and annoying hitches.

Engine function also relies heavily on this said mechanism. It controls combustion to avoid rich and lean mixture tendencies. These mixtures are both bad, for either the car and the environment. Rich ones creates pollution with all the smoke belching. The lean type, on the other hand, can damage the engine of your automobile.

There are many different kinds of these sensors, too. The first type is the heated oxygen type, which uses an internal heating element to reduce the warm up time of the thing. This sensor type can reach as much as 500 degrees operating temperature in only eight seconds. Heating is important in the reduction of warm up time, because reduced time allows the system to go into closed loop fuel control sooner. It reduces emissions and improves fuel economy.

There is also the so called titania oxygen detector. It is used by some car models, apart from the heated type. This detector does away with zirconia, the most common sensor element, and replaces it with another, the zirconia. This type works almost like a coolant as it changes resistance when the perfect ratio goes from rich to lean.

Recycling your oxygen sensor is a very helpful method for all car owners alike. It improves engine efficiency and lowers the cost of car maintenance. This is done by fitting in an air feeler on the exhaust system on your automobile. It filters in pollutants to the thing that compromises its efficiency.

The air feeler, which is fitted into the exhaust, should be cleaned as often as necessary. You can do it yourself, or you can have a mechanic do it for you. Either way, cleaning your sensor improves the capacity of your car without having to spend much.

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