Important Things You Need To Know About LED TV

July 7, 2014

In the current digital, people have to incorporate their lives with the right technology to keep themselves knowledgeable every time something happens in the world. That is why it is important to have a good LED TV in the house. Many benefits come with having a powerful LED TV. But you must select the right size for your house with the right features to enjoy the full benefits. You also need to put the right settings otherwise, it will be useless. The following information will help you know a little bit more about LED TVs.

People have misplaced the term LED to mean something different, but LED televisions are just improved versions of the LCD televisions. Samsung, with the LN-T4681F back in 2007, introduced the first of this series. The main difference between them and their parent origins is that their back panel is lighted by a series of diode lights, and fluorescent cathode lights light the LCD ones.

The LED lights come in two main types: the backlit, and the edge-lit ones. The edge-lit ones are the newer version, and have their lights aligned along the edge of the television, hence are much thinner. The older versions have the backlights aligned across the back panel of the screen, which light up to form an image.

Another cool thing about this technology is that it is specialized with local dimming that makes every single light from the pixels to glow dimmer or brighter depending on the contrast of the picture, i.e., it makes the darker parts of a picture look darker. This improves the quality of the images by preventing light from escaping through the screen.

These newer technologies also use minimum electricity. On normal usage, these machines use around 100 watts of power and can save you about forty to fifty percent on electricity bill. This means that you can save a lot of money on better technology than when using the older and outclassed versions.

It is widely predicted that they will evolve into much more sophisticated and advanced technologies with time. The manufacturers are looking into improving the 1080p graphics into full array. However, this may prove to cost a lot of money to have all the 2.1 million pixels lighted individually.

It is also important to point out the fact that these LCD-backlight televisions have a gaming mode that makes it process pictures and graphics with the right speed to play a game. They are able to incorporate these sassy features but with a slightly more expensive price tag. Newer versions have processors with 120Hz, 240Hz, and 480Hz that improve the speed.

Arguably, the newer television technology has brought with it a much more quality experience on the internet by introducing WiFi connectivity. This is much more different from the older versions that you had to use cable connections to surf the net, visit social websites and stream videos from various websites. Additionally, you can also download any new applications of your desire from the internet other than the ones that come with the LED television.

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