Importance Of Having Muay Thai Shorts

June 10, 2014

Muay thai can be classified as a very ancient type of mixed martial arts (MMA). It originated in Thailand around the 18th century. Like other types of martial arts, muay thai requires the extreme engagement of arms and legs. Swift movement is an invaluable property in any fight and thus one has to have clothing that permit them to be as fast as possible. This is why muay thai shorts were introduced.

The fighters in the ring are extremely fast as they aim to strike their opponents with kicks and when blocking their rival. This is made possible by the short pants they wear as they allow a lot of movement. Thus, one can throw their strikes with absolutely no hindrance and one will be able to put in blocks just as fast. In addition, it increases their work rate when in the ring.

Everyone wants to be comfortable in what they do. This is also true for fighters as they need to be as comfortable in their clothing as possible to perform optimally in a match. Failure to do so might see them struggle to deliver their strikes and place in their blocks due to the discomfort. People who want to have a feel of what fighters feel can also wear them casually.

Many designs and varieties of these pants exist today. One can go over the different designs over the internet or if you are in Thailand, you can go over them in the local markets. The distinctive patterns of these pants are attributed the muay thai culture but some creative people come up with their own designs. The patterns usually portray unity and peace and fighting as a last resort to solving problems.

Fighters will always treasure extra protection especially in fights. Loose fit short pants are specially made to provide optimum levels of protection especially the pelvic area. They make for the perfect clothing in very physically intensive sports like kick boxing and martial arts. This is perfect since ones pace and agility are maintained and one has more protection.

As a fighter, you should not worry about your clothing suddenly tearing when in training or in the middle of a fight. This can prove to be an embarrassing situation and thus the need for the short pants. These shorts are specially made from fabric that can resist wear and tear. They usually comprise of silk that is both soft and elastic, and does not tear easily.

A flexible waistband is also of convenience. Fasteners such as belts can be very dangerous especially to fighters during a fight. They can also cause huge marks across the waist that result from the friction between the waist and the fasteners. The flexible waistbands however offer a safer alternative for fighters as it ensures safety.

The shorts also tend to be very light. This will prevent one from dragging their attacks due to heavy clothing. This lightness also serves to increase their reaction time and increase their comfort and convenience levels.

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