Ideas From Celebrity Inspired Jewelry Trends

July 23, 2014

Most of us love to see what celebrities are wearing and they are the trendsetters who inspire us. They are constantly in the public eye and so they are always looking for innovative ways to accessorize. Celebrity inspired jewelry trends are easy to identify today with all the attention of the social media and the many blogs and magazines devoted to fashion. Today rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces are created with these trends in mind and a wide range of these are available from online stores.

The range of fashion pieces available today means that it is easy to experiment with some of these looks without having to spend a fortune. Affordable alternatives may look like the real thing but they often cost a fraction of the price. A truly trendy look can be created with bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings inspired by those worn by celebrities. These can instantly give an edge to an otherwise plain outfit.

Celebrities are well aware that a pair of earrings can enhance facial features. Over-sized studs with intricate details, diamond flower studs and multi-stone dangles are just some of the styles being worn at recent events in Hollywood. On the catwalks, an emerging trend of wearing only one dangling earring has been seen. Another new trend observed was a celebrity wearing a black diamond ear cuff.

The trend of stacking a number of bracelets continues but now a single cuff may be worn with them too. Cuffs are a favorite and can be found in all sorts of styles and sizes. Bracelets and rings featuring reptiles like lizards and snakes is another recent trend. Recently seen at Hollywood events is a handcuff bracelet which is worn on the palm rather than the wrist.

Necklaces worn by celebrities come in many different styles and colors. Layered necklaces are popular as are chunky chains made from gold links. These make a statement and are usually worn with simple outfits. A more classic look has been revived by wearing bib necklaces with button-up shirts. Necklaces with geometric shapes are worn to compliment edgy, modern garments.

Some celebrities have been noticed wearing a ring and bracelet joined by a simple chain and worn as one piece. As celebrities are in the public eye all the time, they have to think of ways to mix up and combine items in new ways. Doing the same can help anyone get more mileage out of their accessories.

There is so much choice when it comes to buying jewelry from online stores. If you are inspired by a specific look, you are sure to find this look at one of these stores. Even if you do not have much money to spend, you will always find options to suit your budget.

Celebrities will always find new ways to wear jewelry to express their sense of style. They may juxtapose more vintage elements with modern pieces or combine items in unusual ways. They may take traditional items and give them a new twist. The trick is to take notice of these looks worn by celebrities but not to just follow them slavishly. It is important to always bear your own personality and style in mind.

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