Ideas For Living Room Accents

June 27, 2014

For a traditional winter lounge, think living room accents that offer warm colors, subtle patterns and lots and lots of texture. The creation of a cozy and relaxing feel is a matter of going for tone-on-tone colors and layering different textures in the form of cushions, throws and rugs. The latter suggestion also adds interest to the living room.

Lighting is a part of living room accents that should never be taken for granted. Wall lamps not only provide subtle mood lighting but also add warmth. Large table lamps, on the other hand, give a feeling of cozy luxury.

The heart of a winter lounge is in living room accents in the form of fireplaces. However, there is no need to worry if a fireplace is not part of the design. An alternative to a fireplace would be a focal point created through a feature wall color interspersed with candles.

Living room accents that can add drama to any sofa would be a new range of cushions, including embellished Astaire cushions, cushions with peacock designs and velvet cushions. Quirky touches are styles that can be fun. Gold pineapple lamps, black lampshades, horse head bookends and bling bins are such touches that can finish up the accessorizing.

A quirky living room in shades of green and vibrant orange can work. Throw in living room accents in the form of cushions and throws in shades of tonal blues, greens and aqua and what can be expected? A very different look to the space that only imagination could have possible mustered is what can be gotten.

While furniture makes a living room liveable, it is the living room accents that turn a house into a home. The trick in the selection of the right accents is the trust placed on the instincts when hitting the stores. There is truth to the fact that the hard part is over after the cash is finally laid out for the living room. However, the job of turning a room to the room has actually just begun.

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