How To Make Quilt Design Wall

October 7, 2014

A lot of people are interested to make items that keep their place attractive. There are things which must be considered on this. The first thing is to take a measurement of that area where this can be placed. Make it larger so it can cover that area in which you are about to place it. Keep a note of its measurement you took so that it could be applied on what you will do.

After that, you should decide if you would let it to be fixed or portable. It would surely depend on what you want. You should check if there would be enough space for that. When you wanted it to be portable, make sure that it would be fit for it. Check if you could still see the quilt design wall from a few feet away from it. There are professionals which could help you to achieve what you would want.

You have to consider the kind of fabric that you will be using there. It is advisable to avoid the fabric that is heavy. You must also avoid placing a lot of weight in there. A flannel sheet could be used when you wanted that bigger. Having that will be allowing you to easily seam these fabrics.

Additional fabric need to be utilized in accordance to its size. A person has to purchase for its front including the back section. A variety of styles needed similar fabrics on those sides. If it has been cut on the suitable measurement, washing that thoroughly would be good for it. It must be tidy before you attach it in there. You can also get rid of dust and dirt stuck in there when you will be cleaning it.

It should undergo batting. There are different ways that you could apply for that. When it comes to such style, it would be better if cotton batting would be done. It would not hold too much heat so it would remain cool on the water. It also has an air trapping ability which helps to keep you feel warm.

When you did those, you could start to work in this. You should first stick those three portions together before you will be making that. Three sides will be its front, back and the batting. If it is difficult to stick it all together, use safety pins so it would be easier to do that.

Have that sewn vertically going down on its center. Because it is long, you could step your foot on that so that it can be convenient. You could continue to sew it vertically towards its rim after this. If you already have the vertical stitches, sew this horizontally the same as the previous one.

Make sure that you would straighten and square its edges. It would help to prevent it from folding when you will already attach it there. Stretch it out on a flat surface to straighten that.

You can add blocks in its corners so it can be in order on its stitches. Do some research so that you can get more ideas in styling the item. Seek for help if you find it difficult to make.

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