How To Extract Music From Youtube Video

July 28, 2014

Watching music videos through YouTube is often a fun activity for many people. However, the problem arises when you want to store some of the music in your portable device or PC just to listen to such music at your convenience without having to search for them. This makes it necessary to look for a way to extract music from YouTube video by converting it to MP3. You can use different techniques to get that done.

There are two easy techniques that can be used to rip audio from YouTube video if you have a high speed internet connection and a PC, tablet or mobile phone. There are two types of software: online and offline which can be used to get the audio from YouTube. It all depends on you which technique is suitable for you according to your circumstances.

The internet software is a straightforward and cost free method to accomplish the task for those who have a high-speed internet connection. You will find several websites that provide online techniques to obtain the MP3 file by utilizing YouTube video URL. Your work is just to copy-paste the Link to your preferred video from YouTube in the specified input area within the software GUI then click the submit button. Once you do this, the software will do everything else for you. It hardly takes one or two minutes to transform the file into audio and creates the download link.

Although the online software are easy to use, the online advertisement on the serving website confuses you with lots of fake download links that take you towards the wrong direction. It can be a very harassing moment. You have to suffer one or more times to understand the right link to download the audio.

Another technique to obtain the audio from YouTube is applying offline software. The offline software must be installed in your pc or phone, to help you to convert video to mp3. You will find two kinds of version: free software application and premium version each of which has different features.

The software programs that are free to use may have many ads on the side, which can actually be annoying. Some software usually comes with a free trial version that is limited to a few days. In many instances, some of these programs will convert the file but prompt you to pay the required premium amount to download the file.

The proprietary application is the best choice to extract the MP3 file from YouTube video with ease and multiple options. Some applications can get multiple videos at a time and convert them successfully for you into MP3 files. One important thing to notice before purchasing the software is to try free trial version of the same to check the functionality that best suits your requirements. The purchased software comes with online support and various updating options.

It would also be a better choice to get licensed software to extract MP3 file easily from YouTube video. It not only gets you the perfect job done according to your choice, but also gives you more options to edit your MP3 file information. MP3 files have tags that identify Artist, Album, Release date, and more. The software program will try to fill these tags automatically, but you can edit them yourself if you like.

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