How To Do A Brass And Woodwind Sterilization

September 15, 2014

In order to play a wind instrument, one would have to blow into the instrument using his mouth all the time. However, the thing about wind instruments is that they may build up bacteria which would make them quite harmful for one to blow. It is for this reason that this type of instrument would need regular brass and woodwind sterilization.

Now when one would want to clean this thing, he would have to take note that not every part has to be cleaned. He only needs to clean one part of the instrument and that part would be the mouthpiece because this is where one would blow. Of course to do this, he will be needing the necessary materials.

Now basically, one would just need a few materials in order to get the job done. Now one would just need one bottle of rubbing alcohol, some specially made disinfectant, a clean cloth, and a cup that has some hot water inside. Now if one would want to know how to get the disinfectant, then he would just need to check his local music store.

Now after he has gathered all the necessary materials, then he will now need to put some disinfected on the mouthpiece. Now the thing about the disinfectant is that it will clean up all the dirt that can be found on that part. It is made out of a special solution that would actually take away any dirt or other kind of substance out.

Now when one has already done that, then he has to now put some alcohol on it. Now the alcohol would be used in order to make sure that all the hidden bacteria and germs there would die. Of course in order to do this, one would need to use a clean cloth, pour the alcohol on the cloth, and then wipe it on the mouthpiece so that the bacteria will die.

Now after that, one has to now get that glass that is filled with hot water and get some soap. After he has done this, then he should make sure that he would put a little bit of soap inside. After he does that, he should mix the soap and let the mouthpiece soak in there for a few minutes probably around fifteen.

Once this step has already been done, then all one has to do would be to rinse off the soap. One has to thoroughly rinse the instrument after all of those steps have been finished so that he will not put alcohol, disinfectant, or soap in his mouth. After rinsing it, then all he has to do is wipe it a little, and then he can play it again.

So basically, those are the steps that one should take if he would want to clean his wind instrument. Now he has to do this regularly if he would want to keep it clean from any harmful germs or bacteria. He should probably do this around once or twice a week depending on how often he would play his instrument.

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