How To Buy A Quartz Wrist Watch

August 24, 2014

Wrist watches refer to timepieces worn around the wrist for various purposes. The piece contains two bands which are used to tie it around the hand. All working mechanisms are normally enclosed inside a casing made from various materials such as metal, plastic, or alloys among others. Quartz wrist watch comes with a wide variety of features that allow it to serve more than just availing time.

There are other uses for wrist watches besides showing time conveniently and with immediacy. The items can also serve as fashion accessories in various events. First, antique wristwatches and pocket watches are normally appreciated worldwide as jewelry or collectible works of art. This has resulted in different markets for the items with some costing inexpensively while others cost a fortune. Men watches for formal, semi-formal, and casual attire are simple and plain with a thin body and made of gold.

Buying a timepiece can be difficult hence one needs to consider a few factors. Factors to be considered include brand, water resistance, price, style, place of purchase, life expectancy, maintenance, size, and bracelet. Internal working mechanisms, advertisements made by manufacturers, and number of jewels inside should not be considered.

Prices vary from one product to another. Low-end products cost less than 200 US Dollars while moderate ones range between 300 to 700 US Dollars in price. 1000USD and above is the cost for most high-end timepieces. Expensive models comprise of specially developed tungsten. The cases are made of gold, platinum or other precious metals and are always mechanical. Automatic quartz watches are moderately priced and are made from materials like stainless steel, caoutchouc, carbon fiber, titanium, and leather. They mostly go with casual wear.

Watches can be classified according to their styles into dress or classic, designer, and sports watches. Classic style models are plain with a thin casing. The casing and bands are mostly made of gold and markings are bold and thick. Designer models are products of personal effort of people with international reputation in making watches. They normally look unusual and unique but not always. Sports models are large and water resistant and bezels have prominent markings.

The place a watch is purchased is also very important. Most prestigious brands cannot be purchased from any other place if not from the authorized dealers. Internet sources should not be considered when buying high-end brands. The internet should only serve as a source of information on the kind of item needed but the purchases should all be from approved dealers. Online stores and retail sites are sources to avoid.

Most mechanical models have infinite life expectancy. However, quartz watches have limited life because of their components. Parts wear out after some time and must be replaced for the item to continue working correctly. It is important to consider the parts because some parts do not have replacements and can be a real problem. The life of most devices is limited by parts.

One should choose an item that fits well on the hand. The face should have a reasonable size. Big faces go well with big-bodied people while small ones suit small-bodied individuals better.

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