Hide Your Ink Regrets With A Tattoo Concealer

October 7, 2014

Everyone makes bad decisions when they’re young. It can be that boyfriend that your parents don’t approve of or it can be that hairstyle about which you’ll cringe in years to come. Some decisions have more long-lasting consequences but luckily a good tattoo concealer can come to the rescue.

Tattoos used to be something only people with a questionable reputation would get. Nowadays, however, they’re so mainstream that mothers and daughters sometimes get matching ones. Often you don’t even have to venture further than the local mall to find a good tattooist. This easy access has a drawback, though, since it’s so easy to make an impulsive decision and then have to wear that design for the rest of your life.

Among the most common of ink regrets are those tattoos that are simply badly done. You may have chosen an artist who wasn’t very experienced or talented and that picture of your young daughter may have ended up looking like you chose to sport a weird species of monkey on your shoulder. Alternatively, you may have misspelled a word on that profound saying you got imprinted on your arm.

Another common tattoo regret is to get the name of your great new love tattooed on your body in those heady first weeks of a relationship. When the excitement wears off and you find yourself wondering why you ever wanted to be with this person, you’re cursed with that constant reminder of them every time you look at your left buttock. Even worse, every love that follows in years to come will have to look at that name as well.

Another bad tattooing decision is to get one about the hit TV series of the moment. Next year the show may not be as cool anymore and you’ll like something else while your arm still says ‘Gossip Girl forever’. The same goes for the names of popular bands. Even more profound symbols can be cause for regret. For instance, you may not be as enthusiastic about that crucifix on your chest anymore if you convert to Islam.

For most people, having a regrettable tattoo is cause for embarrassment and maybe even some mirth. For some, however, certain tattoos can be downright dangerous. Gang members often get tattooed with designs that clearly show their affiliations and having these when they’re in a rival gang’s territory can get them killed, even if they’ve left the gang years ago.

If you have any reason to regret your ink, the best option is to get rid of it permanently with laser treatment. Unfortunately this can be quite expensive. A cheaper alternative is to invest in a good, heavy-duty concealer. This is also a great choice if you simply want to hide the design temporarily, for instance if you’re an actor and your ink doesn’t quite go with the character you’re playing.

When you buy a concealer, test it on your skin to ensure that it matches your natural skin tone. If you choose a tone that is too dark or too light, everyone will be able to tell that you’re trying to hide something. Ask about products at your local tattoo studio or even at a bridal store or buy some online.

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