Helpful Tips For Choosing A Custom Bridal Gown For Your Wedding

July 7, 2014

One of the most important decisions a bride must make is which wedding gown to buy. A custom bridal gown is the perfect choice for brides who have specific design ideas in mind and desire a flawless fit made especially for their unique body shape. Talented dressmakers can work with the bride to make these wishes a reality for her special day.

A bride-to-be who wants a custom-made wedding dress first needs to brainstorm and come up with some ideas of the look she desires. This can be accomplished by drawing sketches, collecting photos from magazines, and also by assessing the styles of everyday-wear dresses one already has in her closet, with all of these ideas it should be possible to identify one look that will be the most flattering for the bridal dress.

The seamstress and the bride-to-be will work together collaboratively to design a gown that possesses the preferred qualities. The wedding date will be noted, to establish the dressmaker’s timeline, the bride’s measurements will be taken, and the price will be worked out. Before the dress is completed, some dressmakers will first make a muslin prototype for the bride to try on and check for proper fit, this way if any alterations are needed they can be done.

It’s important that there be very open communication between the bride and the person who is making her dress. An experienced seamstress can be a wealth of information and helpful advice for a bride who has never before chosen a wedding gown. Brides should feel free to ask questions and certainly share any concerns, as this will ensure they are happy with the finished product and that the designer does not have redo anything.

Although just about any bride will have definite ideas about the look of the dress, it can help to remain somewhat flexible and open to the dressmaker’s suggestions. In some cases, this professional will have another idea that may just turn out to be better, simply because she has been doing this long enough to know what works and what doesn’t.

The cost of a custom dress is determined mainly by the particular materials used in its construction, and by the amount of time it will take the dressmaker to build it. A simpler design will generally cost less than a very elaborate one. Typically it may take three to six months to complete a design, and in this time the bride will need to attend multiple fitting sessions.

One of the best reasons to choose a customized design, is that it ensures a perfect fit. It’s a good idea for the bride to wear the shoes and undergarments that she intends to wear on her wedding day when she goes to each fitting, as these can influence the length and dimensions the gown must have.

Dressmakers understand that a bride’s budget can vary from the next, and because of this they normally offer a wide range of styles that are not only tailored to fit one’s proportions, but also her pocketbook. It is usually feasible for every bride to find a design she will be pleased with that also fits nicely into her budget with the help of a dedicated seamstress.

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