Getting A New York Car Title Transfer

September 7, 2014

Looking to sell a car or just simply buying one then there are necessary and mandatory steps to be taken. The transfer proves ownership of vehicle and titling and registration can be completed in one step. There are specific documents that will be needed for a New York car title transfer. Cost, location, restrictions and length is all topics to look into.

Before going to buy that car at a dealership, bring a few staple items along such as drivers licence, insurance, name of your broker if there is one. The dealer will complete all the necessary steps for the buyer with no hassle simply pass your documents along and within two days drive away. Usually there are fees involved but one can request a breakdown of costs and any other administration fees.

There is a time limit should an out of town move to the big apple of thirty days to get all the titling in order. Without valid local insurance forget about obtaining insurance. Calling current insurer and simply getting a switch over can do done in moments they will require the new address and update a few details. Resident or not if a purchase is made out of the state there are additional forms to fill and these can be found on the DMV online site.

A private sale is becoming increasingly popular and there are several steps involved. The purchaser must have the title signed and fulled out by the seller, full damage disclosure, odometer, NYC identification card, signed bill of sale, registration application, government ID with date of birth and of course the payment needed to get the title.

There are several fees that are required to be paid. The DMV can give you a list of expected cots that will come up just to work that into the budget. If the dealer is issuing the switch for a buyer there may be some additional costs included which can be inquired about for full disclosure.

There are plenty of regulations and rules when it comes to getting your title and getting information switched over. Family and gifting vehicles have different criteria. In case of death and other willed entitlements check the website to get all the information before going into the office for new ownership.

Duplicate title can not be obtained online however by mail by filling out an application and the cost is about a twenty dollar fee which can be paid by cheque or money order. Going in person is another option make sure to have personal identification. For safety reasons the re issuing is not done online. Can be a good option to keep a copy somewhere like a safe or with other important family documents.

When it comes to getting that title, have a list and all paperwork together to avoid delays. Last thing on a buyers mind is to have to go back and forth to the sellers home to get missed signatures and other missing information. Buying cars at dealers makes everything simple as its all taken care of for the customer, simple hand over identification and policy number and be on the way to new ownership.

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