Getting A Licensed VIN Verification San Jose CA Requires

August 10, 2014

The state of California requires that all vehicles with a VIN is registered, along with that number in their databases. That means that those without that information entered into that database must do something to get it there. The simplest thing, of course, is to get the licensed VIN verification San Jose offers in the form of several different classes of agencies or people.

Bringing a vehicle into the state will trigger this need. Since the number does not show up on the Golden States data base, this will have to be done. A new combination of engine and frame will also be a legal reason for this process. This new combination creates a new legal item that is a regulated item.

The DMV or Department of Motor Vehicles is one of these places that will verify this information. You might think they are the only ones, given their responsibility in this matter. That would be wrong as licensed individuals, as well as some companies, within the state can also perform this task. Remember this has to be done through someone who actually has a license that the Golden State recognizes.

Many individuals will register with the state to be certified for this work. Some of them are people who deal with cars in other ways. Car dealers, auto mechanics and tow truck drives can become licensed for this work. Notaries and small business people may do this to increase their income levels.

Getting this done can be accomplished in many ways. Some of the certified individuals can and will come to you. Others will have you come to them and some of them will take appointments. Others that require you to drive in will take you, first come first served. Making sure of getting the one that works best with your schedule is the best idea.

You will know if you need this taken care of, when going to register you car, truck, trailer, motorcycle or any other vehicle, you are asked to provide a certified VIN number to the DMV. At this point a call to one of the many entities that do this is needed. Decide whether it is easier to go to them or they should come to you. The mobile verifiers will charge a travel fee for this, however, this is a quick way to get this out of the way.

The information you will need when the verifier arrives should seem to be fairly basic. A photo identification for you and proof of residency is needed. The registration, whether current or expired and from wherever it is from will need to be on hand. A bill of sale, if no registration is available, will assist in this as well. Other paperwork that applies to the vehicle will need to be looked at. All of this information will be recorded on the state form Reg 31.

When all is said and done, the dirtiest task is the finding of the VIN and recording it. Depending on the age of the car and where it is manufactured, this number can be in a number of places. These personnel know about those locations, in most cases, and can find it easily. The plate this number is engraved on will also be evaluated as far as alterations, if any, and recorded.

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