Get Your Home And Business HVAC Unit Ready For Summer With Your Austin AC Repair Service

May 26, 2014

If you live in Texas, you know how hot it can get in the summer. The hotter is gets outside, the harder your home cooling unit has to work. If your HVAC system is already working hard (because it needs cleaning), it may fail you. To keep your cooling system in top shape, your Austin AC repair professionals recommend preseason cleanings and inspections.

Springtime is the best time of the year to check out your air conditioning system. The temperatures outside are not too hot and most heating and cooling services are available for maintenance work. In fact, you can usually receive same day service, and it only takes a few minutes to call and make an appointment.

When the cooling technician arrives at your home or business, he will carefully check out the entire HVAC system. Most units get dirty during the summer and you cannot see the filth as it is hidden inside. Your technician removes the covers and gets inside to check everything out.

After your technician gets inside of the cooling unit he will make sure that the inside coils are cleaned and free of obstructions. These coils can easily become dirty as they collect moisture from inside the home and it drains out of the unit and onto the ground. That is the reasons that water drips out of air conditioners while they operate.

Your HVAC drain system must be clean and free of debris. This allows water to flow freely. If not, the drain will clog and a clogged drain may cause moisture to back up. Eventually it can cause the coils to freeze and the unit will shut down.

When you call your AC service in Austin your cooling system will be completely cleaned. If any problems are spotted, they can be repaired before they cause a breakdown. A clean and tuned up HVAC unit is more efficient and saves you money on cooling bills, and the fee for maintenance can easily pay for itself.

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