General Information About Emergency Supplies For You

June 28, 2014

When you need to get control of your emergencies supplies storage ideas, you will want to consider first the kind of kits you are storing. Trauma and first aid kits are typically the first things that come to mind. They should come with a backpack or case to make it easier to carry.

These would contain items like bandages of different sizes, antibiotic creams, splints in case of broken bones and other supplies. If you purchase your items separately, make sure you are supplying your kit with everything you might need in order to keep it all together in one safe place.

Backpacks and plastic supply cases are perfect for holding all of your first aid needs. Remember to label your supplies so there is no confusion when they are needed. You may want to consider a heavy duty rubber 55 gallon tote on wheels as the ideal emergency supplies storage ideas. Use backpacks and duffel style roll bags to parcel out supplies by category. Another good idea is use a five gallon bucket with a lid.

It is important to remember items that will keep you protected from the elements and harsh or surprise weather. These would include sleeping bags, heat generating equipment and tarps for making lean-tos or for shelter from the rain. Food and water should never be forgotten, as this is vital to survival in bad situations. If you keep the items together in a storage item with a lid, you should be able to just lift the lid and grab what you want. If items are not labeled or cannot be found, it can be very frustrating.

You should not be caught in the dark without a flashlight because you have no idea where you put your emergency supplies. Plan out and list everything you need, keep everything together in a cool, dry place, and store them in a place where you have easy access. Be prepared at all times. Being prepared can save a life at any time during natural disasters.

It’s essential to be fully prepared and ready for all types of emergencies! Have a peek at our emergency supply storage ideas now in our guide to the extreme importance of emergency preparedness

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