Ford Mustang 0-60 Marks Its Stamp

September 9, 2014

When it comes to the auto manufacturer world this ride contributes to a huge part of history. There are plenty of extra features and endless extras that are able to be purchased to enhance the Ford Mustang 0-60. This one of a kind ride really stands apart from its competitors also offering an affordable super car.

History of the ford mustang extends back to 1964 and for Ford fans they mark this as the 1964 and a half first generation. First generation was between 1964 to 1973, second 1974-1978, third 1979-1993, forth 1994-2004, fifth 2005-2014 and last but not least the sixth generation 2015 and up. This classic car was known to be modeled based on the platform of the Ford Falcon which was a compact car. This was the company’s most successful launch since the release of the Model A.

Some of the feature films this classic icon can be featured in include a list of well known cinema hits. Bullitt a famous chase scene a fan can see a 1968. James Bond is no stranger to these beauties, in Diamonds are forever viewers can appreciate a 1971 Mach 1 in wide screen. Another suitable and one of the most infamous car scenes the the 1967 shown in gone in 60 seconds.

Looking into some of the models that are available, this ranges up to 3 main models with several variations. The V6 3.7 L starts as a base car which is far from the traditional base sports vehicle. The V6 premium and available convertible, something suitable for all tastes. Next up there is the GT model. This is an incredibly popular choice featuring the 5.0 L V8 coming also in a convertible top. The Shelby GT500 5.8 L supercharged V8 is a viable option for anyone seriously looking for a thrill.

Thinking about accessories and extra features there are several extras to choose from. The dealer will have a list usually in the parts department of anything that could possibly go on that car including racing strips, hood paint and and so on. Picking a color can be easy with the many different selections that suit from the mildest to the wildest personality.

Local dealers can offer after purchase a recommended check up schedule and routine tune ups. With performance related engines maintenance is vital to keep the condition running smoothly. Expect a follow up call from the service department just as a soft reminder.

Depending on where the buyer lives pricing can fluctuate. Ranging between 21 thousand to just over sixty one thousand depending on model chosen. Keeping in mind with the features offered power under the hood, comparable sports car are easily in the six figure range or just below.

Racing is known in the car community and quite prevalent. Being safe and using cautionary measures is essential. Racing is intended for designated licensed areas will full legal rights for drivers. Street racing can lead to injury others and loss of that ride. Many courts have ordered car crushing and loss of drivers licence. Practicing safe driving habits in this power beast sets a great example for impressionable minds.

In essence to preserve a national icon, the Mustang offers something for everyone. The history and current presence really showcase this rides popularity and even future potential. For the auto enthusiast this Ford brings a lot of power and style to the table.

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