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June 6, 2014

Electric bicycles refer to bicycles to which an electric motor has been integrated for propulsion. They are also called e-bicycles. There are many types of these products around the world currently and they all feature different levels of sophistication. The simple models only include small motors to help the rider with the pedals while the powerful models include more ability and propulsion power. To get some of the best electric bikes Toronto is the right place to check out.

Even though these bicycles differ a lot in terms of features, they all retain the ability to be pedaled. The motor is powered using rechargeable batteries. The speed of the product depends on factors such as government laws, weight, and motor power. Lighter models can move at a speed of between 25 and 32 kilometers per hour while the high-end models cover more than 45 kilometers in one hour. In many markets such as in Toronto, Germany, and China, they are replacing other means of transport at a high rate.

In Toronto, e-bikes are classified as bicycles and not as mopeds or motor-cycles. This lowers legal constraints required for one to operate or get certification for them in comparison to other more powerful two-wheelers. They are given a separate definition and treated as a kind of vehicle in some locations. The first ever documentation and patents were issued in 1890 to various individuals.

Classification of e-bikes depends on the control system and the power delivered by the electric motor. Another classification depends on the definition of the product for legal reasons in various places. This classification varies among countries and states. Despite legal definitions, these products are primarily classified depending on how they assist the rider. Therefore only two types of e-bicycles exist, that is, pedal assist and power-on-demand.

The pedaling action of the rider regulates the electric motor in pedal-assist models. Pedaling efforts are augmented by the engine. Pedelec is the common term used on these kinds of e-bicycles. Many pedelecs incorporate sensors for detecting velocity and force of pedaling. The motor gets disabled when the sensor detects activation of the brakes. Mostly this model costs lower in comparison to its counterpart.

In power-on-demand brands, the rider has to manually activate the motor. The throttle used for activation is mounted onto the handlebars like in scooters and motor-cycles. They are referred to as power-on-demand because riders can activate or deactivate the motor at will. In these models, the motor is very powerful allowing them to travel at high top speeds. The rider can still pedal even when the motor is running.

There are many types of rechargeable batteries used to power the bicycle. The major types are nickel-metal-hydrate, sealed lead acid, lithium-ion manganese, and nickel-cadmium. Different batteries are designed to give different amounts of electrical power for different periods. The range of climatic conditions a battery can work in also differs.

Various kinds of batteries should be researched before one settles for a specific model. It is good to buy a spare battery so that as one is being charged, there is another one in use. Second hand products are also available if one cannot afford new ones.

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