Fleet Fuel Management And Its Benefits

July 10, 2014

Given the ever increasing costs of fuels and shortages in drivers, managing your fleets become very important in order to lower the costs of operations, improve the visibility of the fleet and attain satisfaction of driver while at the same time complying with the regulatory requirements. Implementation of fleet fuel management is thus essential in making you save costs.

Fleets managers are provided with required tools which can be applied on saving costs through close monitoring of government expenses. All state vehicles that include those of political units become entitled to this program. Refueling of eligible vehicles can be done on almost every service station that is convenient.

Acquisition of only a single account bill which is to show on the quantity, location, driver, date, time, gas costs among many others is made possible to the managers through the centralized transactions. The managers have authority of imposing restrictions on maintenance, only regular purchase, programs and the day to day transactions which occur. A yearly budgeted maintenance amount gets funded rather than send only a single bill.

Abuse of gas card is prevented due to the requirement needed of the user to insert social security number, reading of the odometer and possess a key conforming to the specific automobile. A preventive reminder gets set with each refueling. Police officers are the only government employees who can exceed the system but only in emergency cases. Certain restrictions can be set by the managers that include on premium-grade gas, amount of the gas purchased, non-fuel purchases and weekend fill-ups.

In Montana, the full privatization of government fueling is being attempted with all means in order to cut down the expense of having to own and operated tanks while being exposed to liabilities. This fact makes it highly efficient to fuels with the private sector. It has been noted that ever since they started switching to private sectors, the state experienced a growth of 45percent, centralized reporting and capacity of controlled purchase by fleet managers.

Specific government employees are issued with a MasterCard at a vehicle or driver level. In the case a fuel transaction takes place, information gets transmitted to the company that is in management. The MasterCard firm transfers the funds to vendor where the gas got transacted at. The operator of the transacting station is receives full payments on pump costs and gets exempted from transaction fees in the payment.

Weekly transactions reports are transferred through the internet. This mode allows vehicle maintenance management and the checking of cards use and misuse. The exceptions reports demonstrate effectiveness in the way in which keeping of transactions tabs can be made of use by the government. Checking on diesel usage alongside unleaded gas, various day to day usages, grade of fuels and purchases of after-hours is also made.

Installation benefits of programs on fuel management in fleets belonging to governments are in plenty. Bulk saving is made possible via exemptions on taxes and individual gets access to numerous networks. Acquisition of online report that is very flexible and transactions on fueling enhance the option to be worth to put in consideration just in supposing you are not in possession of one.

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