Finding The Right Auto Repair And Maintenance Service For Your Lotus In Alberta

June 3, 2014

Lotus is a famous car brand specializing in manufacturing sports and racing cars. All racing car products made by Lotus have the same impressive look and excellent light-weight quality. Most people will need to turn their heads when they pass by a Lotus car.

Lotus also owns Lotus Engineering, the engineering consultancy which has facilities in several regions of the world. You can find their facilities in the United Kingdom, United States and also in some Asian countries such as Malaysia, China. The first ever Lotus car was built by racing enthusiast, Anthony Colin in 1948 near London. Lotus Cars, however, weren’t founded until the year 1955. Owned by brands such as GM and Bugatti, Lotus was actually purchased by Proton, a Malaysian company in 1996.

If you’re looking to get one of these models serviced with a maintenance appointment, you won’t have to worry about finding company qualified for these particular models. Alberta European Motorworks provide qualified repair and maintenance services for European autos of all makes and models, including the Lotus. You can totally rest assured about the service quality since AEMW has more than twenty five years doing this business.

There are up to four different auto maintenance schedules at Alberta European Motorworks for customers to choose from. There are up to four maintenance options, so you will surely find the option which suits your Lotus car situation and your budget. For example, schedule 1 includes services that is recommended to be done at least 3 or 4 times annually. Details of each maintenance option can be viewed on AEMW website. AEMW staff are confident they always keep themselves updated with the most recent diagnostics and electronics for all European automobiles. While repairing or maintaining cars, they adhere to all specifications provided by automotive manufacturers.

Not only Lotus, AEMW specializes in servicing all other European auto makes and models as well. Customers can rest assured they will be receive the same top quality auto repair and service at AEMW.

Located in Red Deer, Alberta, Alberta European Motorworks belong the the rare shops which provide full auto repair and maintenance services for European autos. A good news for car owners is they can book an appointment with the shop totally online. All you should do is to visit their website and fill in the Appointment form. Other than that, you have the option to either call or visit the shop yourself. The magic element making the success for this business has always been the trained, licensed, automotive technicians who take great care of service and repairs they provide. You’ll be pleased with quality work and great services provided.

So there you go, if you’re looking for a highly qualified mechanic for your Lotus sports car then get in touch with these guys today for the best service in town, you can see the full list of models served here.

Alberta European Motorworks (AEMW) is located in Red Deer and servicing European autos all around Alberta. Their Lotus auto repair and maintenance Alberta is highly recommended for Lotus owners.

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