Finding Handmade Hats For Newborns

September 5, 2014

It’s always fun shopping for babies, whether they’re here already or expected soon. There are charming boutiques, and every department store has a baby section. However, it’s hard to see how anything can beat online shopping for this particular niche. Handmade hats for newborns come in so many designs, each cuter than the one before, that making a choice is the only dilemma.

Of course, there are always grandmothers and other relatives who love to anticipate a blessed event by knitting or crocheting a gift themselves. For those with the necessary skills, there are so many patterns available that again the only problem is picking one. The choice ranges from cozy to elegant to cute, and any of them will enhance a photo op.

This kind of virtual window shopping is fun, even if you have nine months to go before you’ll actually carry a gift to the hospital or take a picture for the birth announcements. You may think you want a simple pink or blue bonnet and end up falling for one with fuzzy brown neck hair and giraffe horns. Perhaps you don’t know ahead of time whether it’s a boy or a girl; a lop-eared bunny hat works for either.

Animals are a favorite theme, since babies look adorable with ears and whiskers. Bears, monkeys, bunnies, lions, and even giraffes are featured. Dinosaurs grace hats and diaper covers, in case you want to have both head and tail. Since these are popular all over the world, there are variations of all these animals and more to choose from.

Part of the fun is seeing the tiny models, many of whom look too young to have their eyes open. It they aren’t sporting a pair of ears, they may be wearing a sailor’s cap, a fireman’s helmet, or a hard hat just like Daddy wears to his construction job. For the girls, there are flowers and lace and even bejeweled turbans fit for an exotic palace.

These make wonderful shower gifts. They can be whimsical, perhaps reflecting the mother’s preference for kittens or butterflies. They can also be practical; tiny ears won’t get in the way when Baby heads home from the hospital, snug in his close-fitting cap. More elegant ones may only be used for christenings, but what keepsakes they will be.

In many communities, knitting groups or crochet clubs make caps for newborns they will never meet, donating them to organizations that give layettes to expectant parents who need a little help getting ready for Baby. Especially for an unwed mother or a couple with no close relatives at hand, such a thoughtful, handmade gift may mean a lot – and perhaps be the only celebration of their new child’s birth.

So, if you need a gift, are planning a ‘new arrival’ photo shoot, are deciding on an outreach for your club or church group, or just want an adorable hat for your little one, go online to see how much fun these tiny bonnets can be. Both girl and boy designs are represented in the wares of online companies or in patterns for knitting, crocheting, or sewing.

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