Find Beautiful Sideways Cross Necklaces In Jewelry Design New Jersey Stores

August 18, 2014

You can definitely diversify your image by wearing jewelry, but you can also wear it to affect your mood. The current jewelry design New Jersey markets offer so many different styles. You can buy traditional designs, or opt to wear more unique pieces. You can also follow what’s popular, like the sideways cross these days.

Sideways cross necklaces have been trending in Mahwah NJ recently. Celebrities wore them to popular events, and therefore raised the sales from the public. Nowadays, it isn’t used to identify oneself religiously, but rather make a fashion statement. You may be confused on whether this is just a tweaked traditional cross, or if it means something different.

While upright crosses have been around for a while, the sideways cross is actually a fairly recent design. The trend started as popular celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, etc. Wore them out in public; making the design quite hip and cool. Though it has become quite popular, religious interpreters have a difficult time determining its symbolism and meaning.

The symbolism behind the cross seems to be contrived of what you yourself want it to represent. There are various sources that provide diverse meanings behind the sideways cross as well. It seems there are many interpretations surrounding it, especially those who pinpoint on the religious connotations of the cross.

As you search, you’ll find that there are endless amounts of interpretations on this cross. You’ll also see that there are many common elements among them, with both positive and negative connotations. Some believe it represents Christian beliefs, while others say it associates with Satan.

A common interpretation of this design is the image of Jesus carrying the cross. In the bible, Christ holds the slanted cross sideways, not upright. This symbolism helps believers’ remember all the pain, sacrifice, and humiliation that the savior endured to save the sinners from eternal damnation. These interpreters wear these necklaces and bracelets to constantly feel the presence of God, and to try and spend their daily lives being reminded of Christ.

Though lots of people believe in the positive symbolism of the sideways cross, there are many that take offense to it. They believe that the position of the cross symbolizes the cross being placed down rather than being taken up. In the bible, Mathew 16:24-26, it’s stated that people must take up the cross and follow Jesus. The people who are offended by the jewelry design claim that the placement is a disregard of Jesus. They would definitely believe that people who wear the sideways cross are directly renouncing Christ, or even mocking their religious beliefs. You can see how someone could be offended by this notion.

These interpretations might not even have any merit. In fact, the cross might be a completely singular fashion statement, rather than having the argued religious connotation. At the end of the day, only the wearer can deem the symbolism of it. You might wear it to show people what your beliefs are, or just to remind yourself of who live for. Or, you might just think it’s a beautiful design that accentuates your appearance. Whatever the case, the decision is solely up to you.

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