Find A Capable Seamstress In Richmond VA For Your Wedding

August 24, 2014

Your wedding is among the most important events you’ll ever experience in your life, so you want it to be perfect. By finding an affordable seamstress in Richmond VA, you can avoid those hefty costs and definitely meet your budget. You can better imagine and plan your wedding, so it will be classy and memorable. Don’t be afraid because you think you have to spend thousands of dollars on your wedding.

If you find an amazing designer gown in a bridal magazine, the price might be out of your budget. You can take the picture to your seamstress so that she or he can custom-make you a similar dress that will cost you far less than the brand-name dress would. You can also find something that is a bit more affordable than having a highly expensive, luxurious gown. For example, you could find a simple halter style dress that looks bridal. This is a great choice, especially if you have a summer wedding and you want to spend a bit less.

Wedding costs usually lie in the tens of thousands on average. Most of these funds will end up going to the venues for the ceremony and reception. If you are on a strict budget, you can definitely find a space in the Richmond area if you do your research and search among the cheaper venue options.

There are some popular, more affordable venues that many people in Richmond rent out. One of these is the Apple Blossom historic plantation, located between Williamsburg and Richmond. This venue offers combination packages for both ceremonies and receptions. Ceremonies are usually held in the front courtyard, while the receptions are in the house and back garden.

Thomas Jefferson’s childhood home, an 18th century plantation, is also available for your wedding ceremony and reception. Slightly north of Richmond, you can also access the Manor House at King’s Charter. Here, your wedding will be accompanied by the many trees, garden views, a gazebo, and a historical red-brick manor.

The Mill at Fine Creek is located on a vast 10-acre lot, and is registered in the National Registry of Historic Sites. You can have both your ceremony and reception here for just a single fee. This estate has many gardens, stone buildings, and even a small cottage for a one-night stay.

You’ll wear a beautiful dress as you enter your wedding reception to make a statement. After you first dance with your new spouse and some small talk with your guests, you might want to change into something less restricting to let loose a bit. Ask your seamstress to make you a more casual and comfortable dress so you can party with your guests. Slip out of the reception and change into the dress so you can go back and party.

You might not want to be that party girl, and stay the elegant bride. If that’s the case, have your seamstress make you a separate white reception dress. Keep in mind that you’ll need to retrieve your ceremony gown before you leave the reception, though.

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