Features That Make The Samsung Un65H7150 Stand Out

July 14, 2014

TVs have become an almost necessity in day to day life, they have evolved from just being image friendly devices to all round smart devices that come with various features. In 2014, Samsung announced one of its most innovative TVs yet, the Samsung un65h7150. A ground breaking innovation touted as one of the best devices of the year. These are some of the features that help this device stand out.

Most people go to the theatre because of the screen size. This Samsung will make sure that you never again pay for movie tickets. It is 65 inches in size and offers very high 3D quality picture, this serves to give you the amazing theatre experience without leaving the comfort of your sofa.

It has an amazing remote. The remote comes in an egg shape that is meant to feel wonderful in your hands, and it was made smaller than on previous Samsung devices. This is to offer you more compact buttons and integrate more features such as; swipe and motion detection.

The quad core processor is another feature that stands out. With the quad core processing capabilities you will never again have to wait for your content to buffer. This feature makes it much more enjoyable to surf the web, the processing capabilities make loading pages much faster, and also mean that downloading content such as music and videos becomes faster.

The Samsung un65h7150 is a smart TV. It has an amazing hub that is full of paid and free apps. This will make sure that you have the entertainment you have been longing for at your finger tips. Combine this with the 1080p resolution and the digital world is in your hands.

You thought you could only play angry birds on your mobile device only? Well guess again, this device offers an amazing gaming hub with hundreds of gaming apps to choose from. Suffice to say, you can now spend long weekends indoors just playing your favorite smart games on this device.

Point, click and swipe functionalities make this TV an absolute gem, this feature is built into the remote. This makes moving, selecting and launching apps and web pages easier. This according to Samsung is to provide more functionality at your hands disposal. Using this device is a very fulfilling experience.

This device is very sleek, with a mere 0.25 inches of plastic bezel; this gives the TV an almost plasticless feel. It has an alluring arch shape stand that compliments the size and design very well. The black of the plastic matches the darkness of the screen while the TV is of. This feature will make your friends gasp with awe as they marvel at its splendor.

Samsung added more connection functionality to this TV. It has 3 USB and 2 HDMI ports. This makes it easier to connect multiple devices at the same time, making it a multi function device. The split screen option also makes it easy to access multiple devices at the same time.

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