Features Of The New Nissan Titan Truck Computer Mounts

August 28, 2014

Pro Desks is the world’s leader in providing retail computer mounting solutions for vehicles. Located in North America, they ship their vehicle laptop desks all over Canada, U.S. and U.K. Pro Desks has solutions for nearly all truck make and models on the market. For each truck line, Pro Desks offers several mobile computing solutions for truck owners to choose from.

The latest truck line Pro Desks added for providing laptop mounts is Nissan Titan. The new product series include the Navigator, the Dominator and the Enforcer II. These products are thoughtfully designed with Nissan Titan trucks in mind. Now we are going to compare the three products so that you can choose the right one for your Nissan Titan.

The three Nissan Titan truck desks differ in number of features and also prices. Navigator has the lowest price among the three truck desk for a Nissan Titan. The Navigator is a suitable option for many fields including utility companies, service and supply, sales representatives. The Navigator Nissan Titan truck desk is field tested and is a no-drilling product. Its base is custom built for each vehicle. This desk base will not interfere the seat movement and the passenger. Removing the desk takes only seconds. This simple product is designed to enhance work productivity for Nissan Titan truck owners.

Navigator features a strong desktop which can accommodate laptops, notebooks, tablets of all sizes. Its main rod is height adjustable; you can bring the desktop position up or down depending on your situation. There are no cables in this mounting system, so you can eliminate the risks of being obstructed with cables on the truck. Both the driver and the passenger can work on the laptop comfortably. The Navigator is installed in front of the passenger seat, but it makes no interference with the passenger movements.

The Navigator is great, but if you are looking for something to use in extreme conditions such as construction sites or off-road, the Dominator and Enforcer II will do the job. These desk have shock control top, which protects your laptop from being affected by the shocks and vibration on the road. The desks are made of top quality steel material and come with up to three year warranty. Just have a look at the desk upright, the articulating arm, the desktop, you’ll realize how quality the materials are.

Your laptop or other equipment will be secured when being put on these systems. The Dominator and Enforcer II come with advanced locking mechanism, which safely holds your laptop and prevent it from falling if there are any bumps or extreme brakes. You can stand outside of your Nissan Titan and work on the laptop comfortably with thanks to the desk articulating arm.

To sum up, if you own a Nissan Titan, you now have up to three great truck desk options to choose from. Those three new desks’ images and descriptions are presented on Pro Desks official website. You can visit their website or contact Pro Desks for more product information.

Pro Desks offers several Nissan Titan truck computer tables for you to choose. For more information, visit Pro Desks websites.

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