Farm Girl Clothing Styles And Accessories

September 2, 2014

If you are in love with the rustic and vintage look of country apparel, there are so many ways to reflect this in the way you look and dress. Farm girl clothing consists of many elements that you can quickly and easily integrate into your wardrobe. It will give you a true rural appeal and a fresh new way of utilizing and reviving your wardrobe.

Denim is a main staple of this type of clothing. Jackets, jeans, shorts, bib overalls, and skirts can all reflect a country lifestyle. Purchase them in an array of shades but the new and unwashed denim does not really belong in this category. Softly faded and even torn jeans are what will look the best with the complementing clothing that will be added.

If you wish to look truly authentic, wear the boot-cut jeans. Jeggings and skinny jeans are too modern and contemporary to fit in this style category and will not give you the true country look that you are looking for. Wearing bib overall short-alls can look really amazing in the summer when paired with tube or tank tops or even a very plain, solid-color tee shirt.

The fabric known as blue chambray is closely related to denim. It is a much lighter weight material and is perfect for dresses, skirts, summer tops and shirts. Make them even more countrified with the addition of Western-style snaps and buttons. Zippers can also be an extra touch. Blue chambray is much like strawberries and ice cream – they can go really well with each other and can create a united look and special style. For extra color, the chambray can also be worn in red but the blue tones are much more common.

Checks are also commonplace in this type of attire. Shirts and dresses in a red or blue checkered pattern are a definite vintage staple. Adding unique buttons and ties to these will make your outfit stand out even more. Worn with denim, you will be wearing a standard country look that can be worn at many events including barbecues, dances, picnics, and more.

Checks can also be utilized in your accessories. Add this pattern to headbands, belts, and even purses or satchels. Wear complementing red or blue sandals to set off the outfits you assemble.

Different bandana prints added to the accessories and apparel chosen will give it an even more rural look. Skirts, shirts, light-weight tops, halters and dresses can become an instant hit with these well-known and loved designs. Wearers are not just limited to red and blue as there are so many other colors to choose from including green, yellow and orange.

Women still love a feminine touch to this category and they are not disappointed with the array of long skirts, peasant blouses and flower-print dresses available. Add proper footwear and accessories for a true country appeal.

You can add footwear to these styles for additional impact. Laced boots, cowboy boots or even granny shoes will definitely give your attire an individual look. Wear them with a long skirt, jeans or shorts to set your style apart from others.

You can wear this apparel style anywhere – on the farm, in the city or out on the town. It shows that you can definitely take a woman out of a rural area but you definitely cannot take the country out of the woman.

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