Facts To Know Concerning A Lime Spreader

May 28, 2014

Some individuals think lime to be a kind of fertilizer, although that is wrong. It is simply a soil conditioner. The primary reason for its application is to regulate acidity in soil. Apart from regulating acidity, it may be applied to regulate the amount of calcium, some bacteria, phosphorus, zinc, copper, and magnesium in soil. It may be applied with hand on small tracts of land. A lime spreader is however necessary if it is to be applied on large pieces.

Many spreaders are moved by being attached onto some means of hauling like animals or trucks. Small spreaders have handles for pushing and pulling. The size dictates whether they come with one or two pairs of tires. Their high weight makes them to make a trail of wheel prints anywhere they go through. They must therefore be driven on lands without crops. If passed in an area with crops, they damage young plants.

Spreaders are made with different capacities. Larger commercial brands can hold several kilograms of lime whereas small models only hold a couple. The capacity should be chosen depending on size of farm or lawn and frequency of application unless the user intends to lease it to the public. The bin that holds lime may be constructed from plastic, alloys, metal, or wood sometimes. Lime may corrode some materials hence careful consideration should be given when choosing the material of the bin.

The mode of discharging pellets differs with the model. The pellets may come out continuously or at intervals. The mode a machine uses is indicated on the product manual supplied by the seller at purchase time. The rate can be adjusted in machines that discharge pellets at intervals. According to experts, the conditioner needs to be applied at an interval. Interval of application and amount applied should be dictated by how acidic the soil is.

Latest models comprise of more than one bin. They also can be used for multiple purposes such as applying fertilizer and other soil additives. Normally one bin can hold the lime while the others hold different substances. Application can also occur at the same time. This is advantageous because it saves a lot on fuel for driving the howler around the land applying different additives. Large scale farmers find this feature very important.

When purchasing a spreader, the point of connection and the method of connection should be considered. Problems may arise during connecting because some hinges may not be compatible. The way the bin is shaped is essential in order to prevent contents from pouring during movement. Calibrated bins provide a means of gauging how much lime has been used.

It is also worth considering extra accessories such as rear lights and spare wheels. To maintain good performance of brands on the market, most producers integrate latest technologies like hydraulic spinner systems. Rusting is a common problem due to moisture and humidity in the working environment. This makes it worthwhile to consider products constructed from stainless steel.

Another matter of contention is the cost. It is advisable to compare price quotes from various producers if one is not sure about cost. A combination of price and features that meets personal requirements should be the one to be chosen.

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