Facts And Implications Of Schaeffer Lubricants

June 13, 2014

Schaeffer products have served the world for many years and still provide an acute eye on the upcoming. The products originally entailed oils and greases for steamboats and wagon trains. However, they have changed with time and technology to venture in to current lubrication concepts, including friction modifiers, advanced additives and synthetics. Schaeffer lubricants are engineered to decline friction, protect metal surfaces, quiet gears, extend service intervals and reduce leakage and energy requirements.

These advanced lubricants provide improved performance, with reliable and economical. The products are used virtually by everyone, ranging from enormous national refineries and truck companies to individual farmers and local jobbers. For example, the mining industry has for many years trusted the these products in handling their hardest lubrication jobs.

Schaeffer features a broad spectrum of products. For example, its Silver Streak Special Multi-Lube comes as a heavy duty, with extreme pressure that makes it most preferred for use particularly in antifriction bearings, dipper sticks, spindle and geared coupling, and circle gearing mostly found in the mining sector. This special product comes in a various weights, depending on the application together with the ambient temperature.

The semi-synthetic Pumpable Cam Lube is a rather extreme pressure product that is especially applied in cam walking systems that are mostly a function of Marion 8800, Bucyrus -Erie and draglines.

In the world of grease, one particular brand reigns supreme, the Moly Supreme Grease. The brand withstands extreme shock loads and has an exceptionable duration period of up to two – three times more than ordinary greases. Its main merit is the fact that it is waterproof and has great ability of reducing wear on virtually every anti-wear chassis points and bearing on adding MoS2. It comes handy to the mining industry, with its common variants being the Synthetic Blend Grease, Moly EP and Ultra EP.

During the cold weather, the Super Lube Supreme is the most suitable as it is especially blended for this purpose. The type, as a result of blending, facilitates a smooth flow in the cold very weather while withstanding the great heat without having to break down. This synthetic blend works best in Allison truck transmission, Fuller and Spicer as it is ideal for application in final drives, differentials and power Cat power shift transmissions.

The Supreme Gear Lube is famous for its potential to carry heavier loads while reducing frictional wear. It helps the gears to run cooler remain durable. The Moly plating is soluble and often applied to moving parts to minimize the impact of cold welding which occurs when the gears have been in the state of idleness.

The Diesel Treat 2000 is especially formulated to benefit the mining industry. It causes the fuel to burn in quite clean and efficient manner. This aspect enables it to provide better fuel economy, decreased emissions, increased power and improved engine life. The product is also readily accessible in winterized formulas.

Simply put, the amount of satisfaction associated with the Schaeffer products is indispensable. They withstand the enormous temperatures and loads to enhance smooth run and long life. In case you are in need of any lubricant, ensure to check them out.

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