Facts About O2 Sensor Recycling

July 5, 2014

The performance of your car engine depends on a number of sensors to communicate with the engine about the level of unused oxygen available in the exhaust. These devices also indicate whether the mixture of fuel is too rich, or otherwise lean. The information is especially important as far as the optimization of car fuel is concerned. However, the usefulness of these gadgets becomes limited when they begin malfunctioning. During such instances, the performance of your engine is surely affected. It therefore becomes relevant for you to replace the faulty one and plan for O2 sensor recycling.

Because of the vital element contained in the, the sensors are collected and re-purposed. It is due to the small content of ceramic that a variety of manufacturers and even retailers buy them after use. Nevertheless, if you are not interested in selling it out, you can probably clean it and reuse. This is especially the case when it has not seriously worn out.

When collecting the scrap devices for sale, ensure to contact your probable recycler concerning the state in which such components should be. This is the case because different recyclers have different requirements. This information can be obtained from their website, or on contacting them. It is also worth knowing that some recyclers opt for bulky sensors and mainly from professional mechanics, as opposed to single parts from individuals.

The collection process must however not tamper with hex nut together with cone. The sensor is well left as a whole. It is the exhaust body that has less value and can be detached. Otherwise, the rest of the parts are important.

The substances are specifically processed to extract the precious metals possessed by stripping of the steel scrap. It is extremely difficult to obtain a near total extraction which requires a process with multiple steps. In addition, the process incurs high levels of technology and large investment capital. This is the sole reason why many companies shy away from specializing in the purchase and processing of oxygen sensor scrap.

The bracket sensors highly reduce the collection of these precious metals. They deplete the yield by up to one third. In addition, they add up to the process costs and this explains why many recyclers recommend contacting them before shipping the type containing brackets and heavy reducers. This kind of scrap renders the extraction process, not only difficult, but also more costly. It is therefore advisable to collect sensors across all different types of vehicles, as specializing in Toyota and Lexus increases the amount of brackets

When accumulating and shipping them, it is insignificant whether the equipment are smashed, bent or otherwise fractional. However, it is worth ensuring the bending or smashing does not cause the ceramic on the inside to fall out. In addition, making them fractional must, however, remain the hex nut and cone intact.

Transporting the products must be done with much concern and care. Use a steel tape or reinforced strapping to achieve the best package. Limit the chances of damaging the them through shipping or any other mode of transport.

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