Everything You Need To Know About Amber Jewelry

September 6, 2014

If you are looking for an original piece of jewelry, one that cannot be mimicked or synthesized in a lab, then you know the search may not always be easy. That is the beauty of amber jewelry – each piece has a unique character that can be compared to a fingerprint. No two are ever exactly alike.

When you wear amber, you are wearing history. This precious stone took shape from the resin of ancient trees – trees that were around when dinosaurs walked the earth. Over thousands of years the sap hardened, creating these unique pieces of historic rock. That is something that cannot be manufactured in a lab.

Color, translucence, and texture varies depending on where it stone originates from. Certain locations create pieces more desirable then others. The Baltic Sea is one such example. Specimens from this area fetch a higher price tag and are highly sought after by jewelry artisans.

There are many colors to choose from. Most pieces will vary from a delicate honey yellow to deep burnt orange, although shades of green, blue, and black are occasionally available. The darker tones are not as common and may be harder to find. Clarity is an important factor and will determine the rocks value. Higher clarity is very desirable. A cloudy texture, while appealing in its own right, will decrease the value of the stone. Some specimens will carry a small surprise – a perfectly preserved prehistoric insect.

Both artisans and individuals admire this beautiful stone. Each piece is original and cannot be duplicated. Its popularity is easy to understand as it is a timeless rock that never diminishes in quality.

Jewelry artisans enjoy working with this stone and offer a large variety of styles and colors. For this reason, amber goes with every type of fashion be it conserve, vintage, bohemian, or classical. It enhances every outfit and looks equally elegant with every day wear and formal clothing.

Caring for this rock is not difficult, however there are some things that need to be avoided. Harsh chemicals found in standard jewelry cleaner should not be used as they can tarnish the stones appearance and make it look cloudy. Long exposure to heat and sun can also cause damage.

Proper care of the stone is very simple. All it requires is a soft cloth made of a gentle material. Microfiber is ideal, but eye glass cleaning cloth is also sufficient. Use this in a slow, gentle circular pattern to remove any dust or debris. In cases of stubborn tarnish, tepid water or olive oil can be used to polish the rock.

With proper care this stone will last through the decades. Occasionally, you may find antique pieces that date back several hundred years. While it may be tempting to buy a synthetic stone, it lacks the unique qualities of real amber.

Regardless of current fashion trends, this type of jewelry is a timeless classic that will never go out of style. Each piece is truly unique and irreplaceable. There is a distinct stone available for everyone whether their tastes run to the bohemian, conservative, or modern.

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