Establishment Of Underground Mining Parts

June 17, 2014

This involves the extraction of coal, minerals and other geological materials found in the sedimentary rocks. There are excavated in different underground mining parts with different places holding different types of minerals. They contain copper, nickel, silver, gold, tin, lead and iron. Shafts are used excavating the various ores using various methods.

Excavating ores require shafts which are used for the mining activities. The method used in mining depends on type, size, shape and orientation. The most appropriate method used in mining steep dip ore is the cut and fill. Cut and fill is one of the best method limited in narrow zones so as long holes are dug to reach the ore. Wider zones are limited to full excavation that is done intensively.

Both shallow and deep mines are good for mining. This guarantees you of getting minerals of high value. Gold is mined in depths that are in the lower levels of the underground rocks. Depth that exceeds 3900 meters is the most favorable for uranium extraction which is always found in hard rocks. Deep excavating methods are favorable for minerals that are of high value. These minerals are located in the walls of the cave and in large amounts. This ores are in open stopes that favor extensive extraction.

Coal mining is one of the underground mineral that is dug deep and only allows the minerals to be recovered using boreholes that are dug in the ground surface. Soil layers are arranged in a way that you are forced to dig deep. Shafts are used to dig open pits although the method is expensive and this is important since you get orebody in the extraction cycle.

Drifts are important when it comes to lifting the minerals upwards through passages. Mines in the lowest level are dug using shafts that run downwards.Ventilation, pumping and haulage are methods used in excavating pillars of ores. The ores lie between stopes, mining starts by breaking the ores into panels, slices and blocks.

Sampling, drilling and rock testing are used in to explore bulk deposits. Blind tunnel is used to cut the minerals deposits. Multipurpose shafts are used to drill large mines. These large mines are arrived at by use of inclining and declining portals. Strong ores are extracted using methods that are of high cost while weak ores are extracted using low cost methods. Rock bolting is one of these equipment that makes the method expensive.

There are various phases used in underground extraction. There is exploration and feasibility phase, mine operations phase, construction and planning phase together with the closure phase. The activities involved include drilling, crushing, grinding, ore separation and concentrate dewatering. Rock piles are separated in stages while water is separated in stages to. The operation also include extraction and processing of the ore.

At the head is the shaft which acts as the elevator. There is the sump sits which have several channels that run horizontal so as to reach at the ore-body. The mineral containing materials are in different levels . Here we get ramps are used to access these minerals.This parts are inclusive of crusher and drifter that help in digging the rocks located in deep areas.

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