Ensure Your Move Is Stress Free With Budget Truck Rental Lake In The Hills Il

July 26, 2014

When it comes time for you to move, you shouldn’t have to worry about all the details to make sure that nothing goes wrong. Budget Truck Rental lake in the hills il is a company you can trust, offering a range of options to suit your needs and all at very affordable prices, so you can feel confident that your move will be as successful as possible.

Compared to other companies, Budget offers a convenient service at a great price. Being a leading company in the US, it caters to both domestic and light commercial customers, and with a huge network of corporate owned and dealer depots that manage a fleet of 27,000 trucks, you can rest assured that your move from Lake in the Hills, IL, will be a smooth and successful one.

The rental trucks come in three different sizes; 10, 16, and 24 foot. If your move is a small one, you have the option of a cargo van, which is also the only option available if you need to make return trips. If you only require enough cargo room to move from a 1 bedroom apartment, the smallest model will be best for your needs. If you are moving from a small house of up to 2 bedrooms, the 16 foot model should be selected. Lastly, the biggest model truck is best used when moving from a medium to large sized house.

Make your drive as comfortable and enjoyable as possible with Budget’s modern, fully equipped vehicles. All trucks come with air con and a radio for your comfort, and are automatic, with power brakes and steering. Your job of moving is made even easier when you hire either of the two largest size vehicles, as they come with lift gates and loading ramps.

There’s also a large range of moving accessories available to make your move simple and efficient. These supplies can be used before as well as during your move, and include a variety of packing materials that you will find useful in many different ways, boxes of all sizes, and things like work gloves, rope, trolley trucks and even tow dollies.

Budget gives you the option of selecting a pick-up and drop-off location when you reserve your vehicle either online or by phone. In most circumstances, you will be able to pick up your vehicle locally but if, for an unseen reason, it is not available at your pick-up point, they will do everything they can to make sure you still get a truck from your next most convenient location and will let you know well beforehand.

Budget vehicles are designed to give you as much room as possible, with full, floor-to-ceiling space, and include a handy GPS system. When you make your reservation, you can select the truck size and the moving dates that are most convenient for you; most locations stock all three vehicle sizes, but if you’re unsure of what size to reserve, you can get some useful tips on their web site, or just ask the friendly staff.

If you need to move to anywhere in the continental United States, rent a cargo van or truck at Parkside Auto Center in Lake in the Hills, Illinois, and enjoy affordable mileage rates and great options. With a Budget truck rental, your move should be a good one.

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