Dodge Charger Mongoose – The Recommended Police Vehicle Laptop Mount

September 24, 2014

The need for a vehicle laptop mount has been increasing in recent years as a result of the popularity of mobile devices. Using mobile devices in a vehicle is inconvenient. If you use laptop in your car, you’ll have to find a flat surface to put it on. You can put the laptop on the passenger seat, but this creates a very inconvenient working position and can cause back health problems. Pro Desks is a mobile computing solution provider located in Canada. The company has mounting systems for nearly all types of vehicle from cars, trucks, big rigs, vans, SUVs to police vehicles. They have introduced a new police laptop mount named Dodge Charger Mongoose.

This new Mongoose comes with interchangeable bases which are available for Dodge Charger year models 2011 – 2014. The Mongoose is considered to be the best vehicle laptop desk in the market with various advanced features.

The Dodge Charger Mongoose fits every laptop size currently available, including the 17 inch wide screen. The whole system is made of rugged steel and is power coated. The well-selected material brings an impressive powerful look for every component of the system. The product was designed with Dodge Charger car in mind.

Pro Desks keeps on evolving since it was established. Started with a few vehicle laptop stand products, Pro Desks have expanded its range of vehicle desks. They now have mobile solutions for nearly all vehicles on the street. Their products come with three year warranty while products of competitors only have 3 month warranty. The launch of this Dodge Charger Mongoose is the clearest evidence showing the effort of the company. The new Mongoose is a great system which helps enhance user’s work productivity and protects user’s back health.

Full Locking Capabilities

The desk comes with a moving ball which allow users to turn the desktop back and forth. This feature allows the use of laptop from either side of the vehicle. The principle rod that is height adjustable allows vehicle owners to set the positioning of the desktop either up or down in line with your preferred position. Large laptops are fine; you just have to take the arm over the top and any configurations could be done. Obviously, if you wish to take your laptop along with you to work or home, it can be effortlessly removed in just a matter of seconds.

Simple To Use

The system comes with no cables. Therefore you can eliminate the situations when cables get into your way or leave unwanted marks. You can comfortably swivel, tilt or turn the laptop to find the most suitable working position. It takes you just twenty to thirty minutes to install the Mongoose to your truck. You are provided with the detailed instructions and the necessary tools for the job.

Custom-built Base

Pro Desks Dodge Charger Mongoose is a no-drilling laptop desk. The car owner will not have to make modifications to his car to install the system. The desk bolts into the passenger side seat rails using a custom designed base plate. The whole system looks neat, stable and leaves room for the car passenger. Pro Desks currently have bases for all Dodge Charger with year models from 2011 to 2014.

Convenient Transport Mode

Dodge Charger Mongoose comes with work mode and transport mode. When you do not need to use the mounting system, you can pull the knob, turn and release to switch it into Transport mode. In Transport mode, there’s nothing getting into your way.

For more information on Dodge Charger laptop mount, feel free to check out Pro Desks websites.

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