Do It Yourself Ideas Of Handcrafted Gifts For Baby Girls

September 12, 2014

Making customized gifts for a new baby girl is to make yourself creative in many ways. This is your way to welcome her into the world. There are various choices for simple and homemade gifts that both parents and the little girl will enjoy. You may consider adding homemade cards or even a customized letter in welcoming the child.

The birth of a baby is an important time of parents. When someone has a new member of the family, congratulate them with handcrafted gifts for baby girls. These days, there are lots of presents available in stores, but homemade ones will have more of a personal touch and special to the parents.

If you love to crochet or knit fabrics, then you can make use of your hobby. Create a blanket for the baby girl. Select a good type of fleece fabric that will also suit to the child. Cut the fabrics of the desired size to create blankets. Embroidering the name of the toddler is also an ideal choice.

You can congratulate and welcome the child with knitted shoes. This can also be used as she grows up. Baby booties can be usually placed in the nursery. Select assortments of booties or even pretty baskets to have an awesome arrangement. Roll up the knitted shoes and form it like a rose bud. Use a green tape that will be attached to the bottom of the stem wires.

You can also make a personalized poster. You can put the things the toddler likes. In fact, this is one of the best and unique ideas for a present. Select the right color scheme that match the nursery. Of course, girls love pink colors. So, you may choose pink or any light colors. You may also create an eye chart nursery art where secret message about the toddler will be revealed as you look closer the chart.

Make a coupon book for the parents and the their little princess. Place helpful tips for the new family, such as babysitting service, completing a household task and diaper changes. You can also make use of the scrapbooking supplies for the designs. Staple all pages and tie them using a pink or yellow ribbon.

Make a baby book for the parents to use in recording all memories of their new little princess. Start with a blank scrapbook and customized it by painting her name. You may also add her birth date or even her picture. You may also make the pages of her first smile, first nap, first walk, playtime and even her nap time.

Making a flash card for the toddler is also an ideal choice. This is a lovely present that you can give to the little princess. You can use her photos and personalized them all. Making a tutu by yourself is also a great idea. In fact, it is best for babies to wear a tutu. They will look like a little princess. You only need elastic and strips of tulle. Then, you can already create a fabulous tutu.

Creating a mobile is also a great choice. This can be hang over the bed. You just have to use any plastic embroidery hoop. Tie any objects, such as colorful stuffed toys using pink or even red ribbon. If you want, you can place photos in the mobile.

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